Massive Asteroid Makes Close Approach to Earth

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Astronomers worldwide have issued a warning about an imposing celestial object known as '2013 NK4', set to make a close approach to Earth. According to reports from Earth Sky, this significant space rock, with a diameter of approximately 2000 feet, is expected to be visible through a small telescope as it passes at a distance eight times that between Earth and the Moon.

Comparatively larger than the anticipated doomsday asteroid due to being skirt by Earth's artificial satellites in 2029, '2013 NK4'is making its closest approach on Monday, April 15, 2024. Astronomers anticipate it may still be observable in the night sky on April 16 and 17.

Despite its considerable size and its designation as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid, experts assure there is no immediate threat to Earth as it traverses its trajectory. With an orbital period of 378 days around the Sun, the elliptical path of '2013 NK4' occasionally brings it into proximity with our planet.

Traveling at a staggering speed of 36,909 miles per hour (59,400 km per hour) or 10.2 miles per second (16.5 km per second) relative to Earth, the asteroid is a subject of keen interest for scientists. NASA-affiliated researchers plan to conduct observations from California between April 13 and 19, while observations from Canberra, Australia, are scheduled to commence from April 14.

As the space rock navigates its path, it will also approach Venus, though there is no risk of collision foreseen. Astronomers stationed across various regions of the globe are poised to observe the object meticulously, aiming to glean insights into its shape and precise dimensions.

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