Bulgaria: Will Patriotic Parties Forge Coalition before July 11 Snap Election – Krassimir Karakachanov

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No party is ready for snap elections, according to outgoing defense minister Krassimir Karakachanov, who is also chairman of the VMRO. In his words, both politicians and citizens have drawn certain conclusions from April 4 elections and from the failed attempts to form a government.

"From now on, it's a matter of reason and, I hope, it will prevail. We have to think before we vote. For 30 years, we've only voted guided by emotion and the principle "Let's see what happens now." Thus, there is nothing new or better in store for us now, said Karakachanov, who attended the celebration of the Day of Valor and the Bulgarian Army - St. George's Day May 6.

"There is no chance that one, two or even three political formations will forge a majority after the next election," he said. This means that personal selfishness and partisan bias must be put aside. Because, after all, parties make sense if they work for the state, instead of trying to prove who is greater and who is greatest."

Contacts with Valery Simeonov have never been broken and relations have been maintained, although we have run for election separetely, said Karakachanov.

"Volen Siderov and I have not been in touch for more than a year, and I don't see any point in it," he added.

"Veselin Mareshki and I have also not been in contact and have not had any talks. His moods are changeable - when he's willing to coalesce he praises us and loves us very much. When he sees that we will not form a coalition, he abuses us left and right, thinking that in this way he will garner more votes," Krasimir Karakachanov said. "I don't know why you have to be so stupid – drink up the Black Sea until you know the water is salty," he added.

Petar Moskov and I have had normal talks - both before and now, Krasimir Karakachanov said.

Is there pressure on Bulgaria’s borders, should we accept migration quotas?

There is pressure on borders and it is mounting, Krasimir Karakachanov said. In his words, it's not just because of the warmer weather and the right season.

"Pressure on Bulgarian borders on the part of migrants from Turkey is a matter of political decision-making in Turkey. Turkey has always used migrants to pressurize Europe," Karakachanov said.

"The question is whether we are ready to accept some naïve and stupid European proposals, or will stand up for ourselves - namely, preventing illegal immigrants on the territory of Bulgaria," Karakachanov said.

"I strongly believe that Bulgaria should not participate in any negotiations and should not give any consent to any quotas that Brussels will redistribute to other European countries," Karakachanov said.

"After all, we didn't invite these people to come to Europe," he said.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Our presence in Afghanistan is absolutely meaningless, especially after the decision of the new US president to pull out the American contingent, said outgoing Defense Minister in Krasimir Karakachanov, quoted by BTA. He specified that from May to September, the phased withdrawal of our contingent is planned.

There were 160 Bulgarian servicemen in Afghanistan, but now there are 120, the minister said.

"Other NATO countries are pulling out from Afghanistan too - not just the US and Bulgaria. At the moment, the only country that has stated that it wants to stay is Turkey," Karakachanov added

Our missions in Bosnia and Kosovo remain in place, he said, and reminded that the mission in Mali is medical - just four medical professionals.


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