Civil War in DPS: Dogan Demands Resignations, Peevski Refuses to Step Down

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In a powerful appeal to all members of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), Dr. Ahmed Dogan, the honorary chairman, has called for the resignation of the parliamentary group chairman, Delyan Peevski, along with five other prominent figures within the party.

Dr. Dogan expressed deep concern over a significant crisis within the organizational life of the party, attributing it to systematic non-compliance with the DPS Statute, gross disregard for the decisions made at the last National Conference in February 2024, and harsh treatment of central governing body members, DPS deputies, and regional and municipal structures.

He emphasized that, in its 34-year history, the Movement has never resorted to divisive tactics threatening families or leveraging prosecution and police services to take away people's businesses. Dr. Dogan refuted claims that such actions were carried out with his consent, calling them absurd and asserting that there is no foundation for understanding in such circumstances.

Dr. Dogan also highlighted the deliberate creation of a fear psychosis affecting people's lives, work, and property. He invoked a piece of folk wisdom for such situations: "Kusno e libe za kitka" (it is said in relation to a late action that at an earlier stage could have prevented /most often/ the negative course of events /or a process that has become irreversible/) affirming Bulgaria's commitment to liberal democracy with a Euro-Atlantic focus. He noted the significant role DPS plays in achieving this strategic national goal and its importance as a geopolitical factor in the Balkans. Consequently, any serious internal upheaval within the Movement has far-reaching public and international implications, potentially causing political instability in South-Eastern Europe.

He extended gratitude for the unwavering support from party veterans, deputies, structures, municipal mayors, youth organizations, European liberal leaders, and supporters from the Republic of Turkey. He conveyed that this support reassures him that his nearly 40 years of dedication have not been in vain. Dr. Dogan accused certain individuals within DPS of attempting an internal party coup to exploit party power for personal and group interests, aiming to alter the party's political profile.

To address this issue, Dr. Dogan called for the resignations of Delyan Peevski, Halil Letifov, Stanislav Anastasov, Hamid Hamid, Erten Anisova, and Radoslav Revanski from their assumed positions. He urged the collective bodies to decide on their continued membership in DPS, stressing the necessity of eliminating any arrogant attitudes within the party's structures.

In closing, Dr. Dogan implored members to liberate themselves from fear, emphasizing that they live in a free democratic world and must protect it. He affirmed his enduring commitment to the party and its values, signing off as "Always yours, Ahmed Dogan."

Peevski's response

DPS chairman Delyan Peevski has issued a firm response to Ahmed Dogan's call for his resignation. He made it clear that he will not step down from his position.

Earlier, the honorary leader of the Movement called for members of the party's leadership to resign. Peevski's statement directly addresses this call and raises doubts about the authenticity of the message, suggesting it was orchestrated by a faction within the party.

Peevski questions the legitimacy of the actions being taken, likening them to bygone times when people and structures were erased "from above" with a single phone call or fax. He contends that such actions are incompatible with the principles of democracy, rights, and legality, portraying them as authoritarian and out of step with the rule of law. Peevski believes that these events will be viewed with bewilderment by Europe and the democratic world.

He also dismisses the assessments and calls for resignation as lacking any adherence to the DPS Statute, which has been a focal point of recent discussions. Peevski asks what the ultimate goal of this request is, especially when the DPS has reached unprecedented heights, becoming the second-largest political force with a record number of deputies over its 34-year history. He questions whose interests are served by undermining this success and who will take responsibility for the hopes and trust placed in the party by its voters.

Peevski rejects the notion that members should remain silent and submit to an authority that has long used them. He declares his unwavering commitment to those who have trusted him, stating that he will not give up or betray them. He asserts his dedication to the party's New Beginning, aiming for a better and wiser future, standing with and by the people.

In a postscript, Peevski emphasizes his long-standing relationship with Ahmed Dogan, asserting that they both know the truth and that history will vindicate him. He concludes by affirming that "no one can halt the New Beginning".

How did the rift between Dogan and Peevski come about?

The positions of Dogan and Peevski diverged during the voting in the parliament of the government proposed by GERB and led to a rift in the party. Initially, Peevski and 30 MPs from the parliamentary group supported the draft cabinet of GERB, despite Dogan's express call not to do so, and after its failure, they declared that "this parliament has no chance for a regular cabinet".

Shortly afterwards, however, Dogan sent a message through his loyal party members that in the remaining time all possible efforts should be made to form a government. This immediately led to a reversal in the position of Peevski, who stated that the people had ordered him to do everything possible to have regular power. Preliminary requests indicate that this will not happen with the second term, but that is precisely why it remains key what the next moves of both Dogan and Peevski will be regarding the third term. Before the Movement was shaken by internal clashes, its representatives had declared that, if necessary, they would negotiate with the other formations for both the second and third mandates.

Full statements of Dogan and Peevski:

Dogan's position: "Dear DPS members!

We are experiencing a serious crisis in the organizational life of the party. This crisis is caused by:

- Systematic non-compliance with the DPS Statute;

- From the gross trampling of the decisions of the last National Conference of DPS (February, 2024)

- From the brutal attitude towards the members of the central governing bodies, towards the deputies of the DPS, towards the regional and municipal structures of the party.

Never, since its inception more than 34 years ago, has the Movement used seditious approaches to threaten our families, to take away people's business with the prosecution and police services.

A fear psychosis is deliberately created for people's lives, work and property.

And to my great surprise, it is claimed that everything that is being done was with my consent!? Absurd!

In such a situation, there is no basis for an understanding with anyone.

Folk art has a formula for such cases in life: "Kusno e libe za kitka" Bulgaria's civilizational choice is liberal democracy with a Euro-Atlantic focus.

DPS has a significant share in achieving this strategic goal of the state. Moreover, DPS is an important geopolitical factor in the Balkans.

Therefore, any serious shake-up in the ranks of the Movement has a wide public response and an international reaction of political anxiety for the stability and security of South-Eastern Europe.

Thank you for everyone's support: from veterans and deputies to party structures, municipal mayors and youth organizations.

I especially thank the leaders of European liberals and our like-minded people and voters from the Republic of Turkey for their support.

This circumstance for the umpteenth time convinces me that I have not lost nearly 40 years of my life in vain... In fact, in the DPS there is an attempt at an internal party coup to use party power for personal and group interests, and above all to changed the party's political profile.

This process of illegitimate replacement of DPS must definitely be stopped. No one can steal or misappropriate DPS.

Our organization is not a sole proprietorship. And therefore it cannot possibly be owned by anyone.

DPS is a political achievement of all of us! Overcoming this threat requires radical political measures.

I call for the resignations of the assumed positions of:

1. Delyan Peevski - chairman of the DPS;

2. Halil Letifov – Deputy Chairman of the DPS and member of the Central Committee;

3. Stanislav Anastasov – Deputy Chairman of the DPS and member of the Central Committee;

4. Hamid Hamid - deputy chairman of the PG of the DPS and member of the Central Committee;

5. Erten Anisova – deputy chairman of the PG of the DPS;

6. Radoslav Revanski – member of the CSO.

Let the collective bodies decide whether to remain members of the DPS or not. There is no other way to eliminate any arrogant attitude in our structures.

My great request to you is to free yourself from fear.

We live in a free democratic world. Protect it!

Always yours, Ahmed Dogan"

Peevski's position: "Something presented in this way, sent by a group of factionalists, raises reasonable doubts about its authenticity.

But! Even so, what's going on?

Reminiscences of bygone times, in which groups of people, structures and persons were erased 'from above' with one phone or one fax.

Is this the apotheosis of the struggle for democracy, rights and legality or an authoritarian approach incompatible with the rule of law.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a living example that Europe and the democratic world will look at with bewilderment, to say the least.

The assessments that have been given are untenable, and the demand for resignations - devoid of any form of implementation of the DPS Statute, which is being talked about so much these days.

And what!? What will this request lead to?! In the apogee of DPS, which we brought to the second political power and the record number of deputies for all 34 years, whose will is it that wants to break this success!?

And who will bear the responsibility to those who voted us this trust and entrusted us with the hopes of their own lives!? Or again they are asked to keep quiet and submit to the authority that has used them for so long.

This is unacceptable and impossible. And no, I will not give up and I will not betray the people who have given me their trust. I'm not a traitor! I keep my word!

From here on, the path is clear. We continue with my team with the fulfillment of our commitments, for the New Beginning, in the name of a better and wiser Tomorrow. We will be with the people and next to the people.

PS. Ahmed Dogan and I know each other too well and we both know what the truth is. History will prove me right. No one can stop the New Beginning".

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