Road Safety Crisis in Bulgaria with 650 Killed and 8,000 Injured in 1 Year: Experts Call for Action

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In Bulgaria, road safety experts highlight a grim statistic: approximately 650 individuals lose their lives each year in road accidents, with an additional 8,000 sustaining serious injuries. Vladimir Todorov, chairman of the Association of Accident Victims, addressed this concerning trend on BNT, emphasizing a stagnation in accident rates over the past decade.

Todorov identified three recurrent issues, notably citing excessive speed as a primary factor. He criticized the lack of speed control measures in Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second-largest city, noting the absence of stationary speed cameras and the limited presence of mobile cameras operated by the Road Police. Additionally, he raised concerns about the driving record of the individual involved in a recent serious accident in Plovdiv, who had amassed numerous violations over a three-year period. Todorov questioned the adequacy of young driver training programs and proposed imposing stricter penalties, such as restricting access to powerful vehicles, for inexperienced drivers.

Furthermore, Todorov underscored the importance of education in fostering responsible driving behavior, cautioning against the indulgence of young drivers with high-performance vehicles. He likened the act to handing a loaded gun to a child, emphasizing the need for a societal shift towards safer driving practices.

Rosen Rapchev, a state expert at the State Road Safety Agency, echoed Todorov's sentiments, emphasizing the need for stringent enforcement of traffic regulations. He highlighted the significance of leading by example and pointed out the personal connection of the individual involved in the Plovdiv accident, who happened to be the son of a Traffic Police officer. Rapchev emphasized that driving at excessively high speeds, especially in densely populated areas, goes against the principles taught by driving instructors and warrants strict penalties from the authorities.

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