Controversy Erupts in Bulgaria Over Alleged Influence of Boyko Borissov on Caretaker Government

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Boyko Borissov and Daniel Mitov

Tensions have reached a boiling point in Bulgaria as accusations fly regarding the extent of former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's influence over the current caretaker government. Slavi Trifonov, leader of "There Is Such a People," sparked outrage with his claims that Borissov, not Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev, is effectively managing the caretaker government. Trifonov's remarks came amidst discussions about the replacement of acting Foreign Minister Stefan Dimitrov with Daniel Mitov, a deputy chairman of Borissov's party, GERB.

Trifonov's comments underscored the frustration felt by many Bulgarians over perceived political maneuvering and power plays. He blamed the constitutional changes initiated by Hristo Ivanov's "Democratic Bulgaria" and Kiril Petkov's "We Continue the Change" for consolidating Borissov's influence, calling them out for their role in shifting power dynamics.

"Boyko Borissov recommended to the prime minister of the caretaker government to replace the foreign minister, Stefan Dimitrov, because of bad communication with his partners. What this means, I have no idea, but an hour later the foreign minister was already replaced. Who runs the caretaker government? The Prime Minister, Glavchev, or Boyko Borissov? The answer, in fact, was clear even when the composition of the government became clear. Boyko Borissov has absolutely no shame in demonstrating it, and the real culprits for this are Hristo Ivanov and 'Democratic Bulgaria' and Kiril Petkov and 'We Continue the Change', because with their stupid ideas the Constitution was changed and thus they gave the power in the hands of Boyko Borissov. And these, the latter, are even more shameless than Boyko Borissov, because they most brazenly pretend that they have nothing in common. But, I remember! In fact, everyone remembers!" Trifonov wrote.

Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of "Revival," echoed Trifonov's sentiments, asserting that Dimitrov should not be dismissed from his post and implicating Glavchev's decision as influenced by Borissov. "Revival" announced plans to request a hearing in the National Assembly to address the situation.

"Well, at least it is already extremely clear whose office it is and who arranged it"

Said Nastimir Ananiev, representing "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria," who took to Facebook to express his frustration, sarcastically remarking on Borissov's control over the caretaker government. Ananiev's comments reflect growing discontent in WCC-DB with Borissov's perceived manipulation of political institutions.

"Work, Work, Work", added Ananiev, mocking Boyko Borissov's famous phrase.

Vice President Iliyana Yotova criticized the proposed change in foreign minister, questioning the validity of the reasons given and emphasizing President Rumen Radev's role in approving such decisions. Yotova also criticized the constitutional amendments that paved the way for caretaker governments, predicting ongoing crises under the current system.

"I expected many crises in this cabinet, but not so quickly. This is a natural result of the new texts in the Constitution, which will produce new and new crises every time. This cabinet has not passed the test so far, and the prime minister owes answers to all of us", Yotova said.

The controversy highlights deep-seated divisions within Bulgarian politics and concerns over the integrity of the caretaker government. As the nation grapples with these issues, the future of its political landscape remains uncertain.

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