GERB Faces Ultimatum from WCC-DB: Calls for Accountability and Action

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The "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB) coalition has issued a public call to its former partner, GERB, demanding accountability and a concrete plan to navigate the crisis sparked by GERB's failed attempt to form a government with the first management mandate. The coalition asserts that the onus is now squarely on Boyko Borissov's party to chart a path forward.

The statement from WCC-DB, circulated to the media, comes in response to Borissov's recent ultimatum, giving partners until Friday to deliberate on the fate of the country's governance. In their communication, WCC-DB underscores their readiness to share responsibility for national leadership, provided certain conditions are met.

Directing their message to GERB, WCC-DB admonishes the party for acting unilaterally, contrary to prior agreements and the spirit of a national consensus mandate. They call on GERB to acknowledge their role in precipitating the crisis and proffer a comprehensive plan to address it effectively.

Key conditions outlined by WCC-DB for resuming negotiations on government rotation include:

  • Restoration of trust through adherence to agreed-upon formulas.
  • Genuine commitment to implementing reforms.
  • Formation of a collaborative team with strong leadership qualities.

The coalition emphasizes that trust between GERB and WCC-DB has been painstakingly built over the past nine months, grounded in principles such as the realization of national mandates and joint decision-making on ministerial appointments.

WCC-DB expresses disappointment in Mariya Gabriel's return of a completed mandate without a finalized agreement on governance or cabinet composition, labeling it a breach of trust. They highlight the pivotal role played by Nikolai Denkov and Mariya Gabriel as guarantors of trust, stressing their efforts to foster integrity and sustainability.

In light of these developments, WCC-DB calls on GERB to take responsibility for their actions and present a coherent strategy to navigate the current political impasse.

Just thirty minutes after "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" called on GERB to devise a strategy for resolving the political crisis, Boyko Borissov's party swiftly responded with a counterproposal. They demanded an immediate public apology and the removal of Asen Vassilev from negotiations and any prospective cabinet role.

GERB emphasized that talks on forming a government could only recommence once these conditions were met. They reiterated their unwavering support for Mariya Gabriel as their nominee for Prime Minister.

In their statement, GERB criticized WCC-DB for acting impulsively and disregarding prior agreements and the mandate for a national consensus government. They urged their coalition partners to take accountability for Vassilev's actions and collaborate on a viable plan to address the crisis.

Addressing WCC-DB directly, GERB asserted that both parties shared responsibility for finding a way forward. They urged their counterparts to set aside emotions and work pragmatically towards a solution, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

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