Education Ministry of Bulgaria Permits 15-Day Absence with Parental Note

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The government has approved changes to the Inclusive Education Ordinance, expanding the permissible duration of student absences from school.

Under the initiative spearheaded by Minister of Education and Science, Prof. Galin Tsokov, parents will now have the flexibility to excuse their children from school for up to 15 days in an academic year, with a motivated written application directly to the class teacher. This marks a considerable increase from the previous allowance, where absences were limited to 3 days with a note to the class teacher and up to 7 days with a written application to the principal.

The decision to extend the absence limit to 15 days aims to alleviate the burden on families while fostering a more collaborative dialogue between schools and parents. By entrusting the class teacher, who possesses a nuanced understanding of students' social dynamics and personal development, with the discretion to approve absences, the government seeks to promote a culture of mutual respect and understanding within the educational community.

To strike a balance between flexibility and academic continuity, parents will now have the option to excuse their child for up to 5 days at a time within a single application. This measure aims to mitigate the risk of prolonged absences leading to dropout rates among students.

Moreover, the amendments reflect a broader commitment to enhancing student well-being and inclusivity within the education system. Proposals related to sports activities and the provision of social services have been incorporated into the Ordinance, signaling a more holistic approach to student development. Specifically, institutions within the preschool and school education system will now have the flexibility to offer tailored social services aligned with students' interests, ages, and individual needs.

In alignment with ongoing digitization efforts, the Ordinance clarifies the process for submitting medical documentation for excused absences. Medical documents can now be submitted electronically, eliminating the need for paper submissions and offering convenience to families.

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