Disturbing Trend: 80% of Bulgarian Students Experiment with Alcohol, Marijuana, and Synthetic Drugs

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A concerning pattern is emerging in Bulgaria, as a staggering 80% of students have reportedly experimented with alcohol and marijuana, with an additional 30% delving into synthetic drugs, according to statistics presented by the "Kosher" treatment center and reported by BNT.

Notably, the surge in synthetic drug use reveals a worrying development, with many of these substances concocted by young individuals themselves, leveraging readily available and legal ingredients. The statistics underscore the prevalence of substance experimentation among Bulgarian youth, painting a bleak picture of drug use in the country.

The data also shed light on an alarming trend identified by the Municipal Center for Narcotic Substances – children as young as 6th and 7th graders are increasingly being drawn into the criminal activities of drug dealers. This revelation highlights the need for urgent intervention and prevention measures to address the concerning involvement of young students in drug-related criminal enterprises.

"We have quite a few, lately even much younger ones I can say, even children, start using drugs around me. If we're just talking about weed, more or less in every neighborhood there are 3-4 people who sell," shared an individual involved in substance abuse prevention efforts.

Moreover, the emergence of new drug varieties, sometimes disguised as innocuous substances like herbs or tea, adds complexity to the challenge. The risk of psychological dependence within a short period underscores the urgency of tackling this issue comprehensively.

Recovering addict Hristo Gergov, who battled various substances for 30 years, highlighted the gravity of the situation. "I started with alcohol, marijuana, then went through polydependency with heroin as the main substance... I ended up to the conclusion that I cannot deal with this problem alone and that I need help."

The impact of drug abuse on families is tragically evident, with psychotherapist Zhelyaz Turlakov recounting the heart-wrenching story of a family that lost their daughter to substance use. The need for state policies emphasizing prevention and treatment, coupled with therapeutic interventions for addicts and their families, becomes increasingly apparent in the face of these distressing statistics.

As the age of first encounters with drugs drops, experts stress the importance of comprehensive measures to tackle this crisis, emphasizing both prevention efforts and therapeutic interventions to break the cycle of substance abuse among Bulgaria's youth.


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