Bulgarian Concerns Soar: Fears of War and Crisis Grip the Nation

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Recent survey data from the National Center for Parliamentary Research has shed light on the top fears haunting Bulgarians, revealing deep-seated apprehensions about war, death, and economic crises. Conducted at the end of 2023, the study highlighted the prevalent anxieties gripping the populace.

War emerged as the primary concern for 28.3% of Bulgarians, closely followed by the fear of death, which affected 23% of respondents. Meanwhile, an economic or financial crisis loomed as a worrisome prospect for nearly a quarter of the population, at almost 25%.

The survey also unveiled disparities in worries among various demographics. The elderly, particularly those aged over 59, expressed heightened concerns about the end of life, predominantly among individuals with lower education levels residing in smaller settlements. Young and elderly Bulgarians, especially those from Roma and Turkish backgrounds, expressed significant concerns regarding crises.

The fear of war was notably widespread across social and demographic groups. A staggering 69% of respondents viewed the war in Ukraine as a direct threat to Bulgaria's security, with an additional 54% expressing concerns about conflicts in the Middle East.

The survey delved into the apprehension surrounding potential foreign threats, revealing that 52% of respondents feared the country could face aggression from abroad. Moreover, 73% worried about the impact of waves of refugees and terrorism on the region. Many expressed doubts about Bulgaria's ability to fend off external aggression, with 15% lacking faith in NATO's defense capability and 18% questioning the EU's capacity to protect the nation's territorial integrity.

Internal concerns also weighed heavily on respondents' minds, with 79% perceiving a surge in domestic crime and 78% citing a rise in organized crime. Corruption emerged as a significant factor contributing to this insecurity, with 42% attributing increased crime to corruption, followed by impoverishment at 40%. Additionally, the inefficiency of the prosecution and justice system (32%) and the bribery of law enforcement officials and magistrates (29%) were identified as contributing factors.

The survey highlighted a pervasive sense of unease among Bulgarians, pointing toward widespread apprehensions about both internal and external threats.


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