Sofia Records 1.3% Voter Turnout at 09:00 AM as Polls Open

Elections | November 5, 2023, Sunday // 10:55|  views

As the polls opened for the election day, initial data on voter turnout in various Bulgarian cities has started to emerge. These figures provide an early glimpse into civic engagement and participation in the ongoing elections. According to exit poll data from the Gallup agency, reported by NOVA, here are the voter turnout percentages in several key cities as of 09:00:

Sofia: In the capital city, voter turnout stood at 1.3% by 09:00, indicating that a small percentage of eligible voters had already cast their ballots.

Plovdiv: In Plovdiv, the second-largest city in Bulgaria, the voter turnout was slightly lower at 1.1% by 09:00. This suggests a relatively modest turnout at polling stations.

Varna: Varna, another significant urban center in Bulgaria, recorded a voter turnout of 1.5% at 09:00. While still relatively low, it was slightly higher than the figures observed in Sofia and Plovdiv.

Blagoevgrad: In Blagoevgrad, a city in southwestern Bulgaria, voter turnout was notably higher at 4.1% by 09:00. This city displayed a relatively more robust early participation in the elections compared to the other cities.

It's important to note that these figures represent only the early morning voter turnout, and participation can vary throughout the day. Higher voter turnout is generally indicative of increased civic engagement and a stronger interest in the electoral process. As the day progresses, these percentages will likely change, and a clearer picture of overall participation will emerge. Stay tuned for further updates on this crucial aspect of the election.

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