Former Bulgarian President Backs Vasil Terziev for Mayor: If Putin Takes Sofia, He will Probably Take Bulgaria

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Rosen Plevneliev

In an unexpected and highly anticipated political development, former Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev, who served as the head of state from 2012 to 2017, has openly declared his support for Vasil Terziev, the mayoral candidate representing the "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" coalition. Terziev is set to face Vanya Grigorova, the candidate nominated by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), in the upcoming runoff mayoral election in Sofia.

Plevneliev's decision to step into the political fray and endorse a specific candidate was met with great interest, considering his status as a former president and the potential influence of his endorsement on the race. He explained that his choice to back Vasil Terziev was an easy one, citing concerns about the alternative candidate and the importance of the upcoming election. In a direct appeal to voters who sympathize with the GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) party, Plevneliev emphasized the significance of their decision, asserting that this election carried immense geopolitical implications.

Plevneliev warned against the connections he perceived in Grigorova's camp, suggesting that they extended to include "communists, populists, and national socialists." He claimed that Grigorova had failed to distance herself from these factions, insinuating that her allegiances might not align with the values of GERB voters.

The former president emphasized that the choice facing the citizens of Sofia transcended mere local politics, becoming primarily a geopolitical one. Plevneliev underlined the gravity of the situation, stating that if Sofia were to fall into the hands of certain political elements, the consequences for Bulgaria's foreign policy could be dire. He went further to suggest that should Sofia be influenced by these forces, it might pave the way for wider geopolitical shifts, hinting at potential Russian involvement. He explicitly stated, "if Putin takes Sofia, he will probably take Bulgaria as well."

Plevneliev didn't stop at expressing his endorsement for Terziev but also provided an outlook on the future of Bulgarian politics. He identified the year 2026 as a turning point for the nation. In 2026, President Rumen Radev's mandate will expire, and Plevneliev anticipates that he will seek to fulfill his ambitions as the highest representative of those with pro-Russian inclinations. The former president asserted that Radev's ultimate goal is to become the prime minister of Bulgaria.

The decision to back Vasil Terziev in the Sofia mayoral election is indicative of Plevneliev's commitment to preserving Bulgaria's geopolitical orientation. Plevneliev's endorsement is poised to influence GERB voters who are now urged to be mindful of the broader geopolitical implications of their choice in the runoff election. As Sofia prepares for a crucial vote, the city's residents face a decision that extends beyond their local community and could reverberate on the national and international stage.

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