Day 564 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Massive Russian Drone Attack

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Day 564 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • Two-hour Russian air attack on Ukraine with dozens of drones
  • The president of Brazil invites Putin to the G-20 forum
  • The UN does not fully understand what kind of war is being waged in Ukraine, said an adviser to the Ukrainian president

Two-hour Russian air attack on Ukraine with dozens of drones

A Russian air attack on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv lasted nearly two hours last night. Debris from drones has fallen in several central areas.

At least five explosions went off in Kyiv during the attack. Ukrainian media released footage of affected cars. Mayor Vitaly Klitschko reported that one person was injured and a fire broke out near one of the city's parks. In the Shevchenko district, parts of a drone that fell down set fire to an apartment, but the flames were extinguished quickly and no one was injured.

Russia attacked Ukraine with 32 drones overnight Sunday, the majority of which were sent to the capital region. 25 of the machines were shot down, the military in Kyiv said.

Russian air defenses have shot down eight Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea, not far from the Crimean Peninsula, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Ukraine is already preparing for its second winter under military conditions. President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that the main problem is sustainability in the energy sector:

"We are aware that the Russian evil is also preparing for winter, preparing to cause suffering. And now everyone in the public sector and in local government must do everything possible and even impossible to help Ukraine survive the winter and keep full functionality".

Last winter, Russia caused extensive damage to Ukraine's energy infrastructure with airstrikes, leaving many people without power.

Kyiv criticized the leader's statement from the G20 meeting in India, saying it was "not a source of pride". The text did not mention Russia and avoided condemning Moscow for the war in Ukraine.

The president of Brazil invites Putin to the G-20 forum

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, intends to visit Russia next year to take part in the summit of the BRICS organization (its members are Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Republic of South Africa, the name being an abbreviation of the first letters of the countries in Latin), reported TASS. The Russian state agency specifies that Lula hopes for a return visit by Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G-20 meeting in Brazil, BTA reports.

"He will receive an invitation. The BRICS summit in Russia next year will be before the G20 meeting in Brazil and I will go to Russia," he said, adding that he had no doubts about the participation in the BRICS forum of the leaders of the other member countries of the organization.

"After that, I hope they will all come to the G20 meeting in Brazil and feel the atmosphere of the world, see that we love music, carnival, football and that we like to welcome our guests warmly," said Lula da Silva, responding to a journalist who drew attention to the fact that the largest South American country is a member of the International Criminal Court. The ICC has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin.

"As long as I am the president of Brazil, he (Putin) will not be arrested. No one will be arrested in Brazil without the permission of the authorities," declared the politician, stressing that this particular issue should be considered from the position of the protection of his country's state immunity.

The UN does not fully understand what kind of war is being waged in Ukraine, said an adviser to the Ukrainian president

The UN does not fully understand what kind of war is being waged in Ukraine and what the desire to make concessions to Russia in exchange for reviving the "grain deal" can lead to, said the adviser to the Ukrainian president Mykhailo Podolyak, quoted by Ukrinform.

"The UN really doesn't fully understand what kind of war this is. They don't understand what such a position on the part of the UN (removing sanctions against Russia in exchange for restoring the grain agreement) could lead to. A position that absolutely encourages Russia to continue the war, intensify it, expand it, expand attacks on civilian infrastructure, etc.," he stressed.

Podolyak noted that the UN is trying to reach an agreement with Russia at the expense of Ukraine, which is a deliberate violation of the UN's charter documents and the principles of international law. "We need to understand that the UN really tolerates Russia's position and does so regularly," said the adviser to the Ukrainian president.

News agencies earlier reported that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had offered Russian President Vladimir Putin to extend the grain deal in exchange for linking a subsidiary of Russian agricultural bank Rosselhozbank to the SWIFT international payment system.

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