Day 475 of the Invasion of Ukraine: At least 10 Killed and dozens Injured in Shelling of Zelensky's Hometown

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Day 475 of the invasion of Ukraine. Summary of key events in the last 24 hours:

  • Ukraine reports 10 killed and dozens injured in shelling of Zelensky's hometown
  • Lukashenko: Belarus will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons in case of aggression
  • Blinken: Ukraine's counteroffensive could bring us closer to peace
  • Wall Street Journal: US sends depleted uranium anti-tank projectiles to Ukraine
  • The ruble at the bottom - it hit its lowest level against the dollar since April 2022
  • Russian rocket destroyed a 5-story building in Kryvyi Rih, casualties reported
  • Seven villages were liberated after the Ukrainian counteroffensive
  • Ukraine announced 10 dead and 41 missing after the destruction at the Nova Kakhovka dam
  • Russians: Vremevsky Height captured. An important breakthrough of the VSU on the Zaporizhzhia Front
  • Ukraine has shelled villages in Russia's Kursk region, a regional governor said

Ukraine reports 10 killed and dozens injured in shelling of Zelensky's hometown

At least 10 were killed and dozens were injured in the Russian missile attack on the city of Kryvyi Rih last night, the Ukrainian news site HB reported, citing local authorities.

The nighttime missile-drone strike resulted in damage and disconnection of the highway power transmission systems in the Dnipropetrovsk region, an accident in the heating plant and a power outage in three shafts in the Kryvyi Rih mines, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy announced. Several dozen miners trapped in the shafts have been rescued, and electricity has been restored to 3,000 people out of a total of 9,000 left without electricity.

The attack on the hometown of President Volodymyr Zelensky is another bloodshed in Russia's war against Ukraine, which has been going on for 16 months now. It was carried out at a time when Ukrainian forces are carrying out a counteroffensive with Western-supplied weapons in an attempt to push out the Russians.

Lukashenko: Belarus will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons in case of aggression

Belarus will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons in the event of aggression against it, the country's president, Alexander Lukashenko, said today, quoted by the Belta agency.

He added that the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is a deterrent to discourage potential aggressors.

The president of Belarus also stated that Russia did not seek to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in the republic, and this was a request from Minsk. Lukashenko emphasized that the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus was his request and insistence to the Russian side "to ensure the security of the country".

Blinken: Ukraine's counteroffensive could bring us closer to peace

A successful Ukrainian counteroffensive could force Russia to the negotiating table, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.
At a joint press conference with Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, he added that the counteroffensive "could bring us closer to peace." However, Blinken stressed that the US still does not see a readiness on the part of Russia to work towards establishing a just and lasting peace.

Wall Street Journal: US sends depleted uranium anti-tank projectiles to Ukraine

The United States has confirmed sending depleted uranium anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Depleted uranium ammunition will also be provided by Great Britain. The Secretary of State for Defense Baroness Annabel Goldie has announced that London will give the Ukrainian armyAPFSDS anti-tank ammunition with a core of depleted uranium. Projectiles of this type will be able to penetrate the armor of most of the Russian tanks.

The US will also give Ukraine a package of additional military aid worth $325 million. The package will contain Stryker and Bradley armored vehicles, Ukrinform claims. According to the Ukrainian military, the package will also include ammunition for anti-aircraft missiles (NASAMS) as well as HIMARS. The announcement of the new military aid package comes as reports surfaced that Ukraine had lost about a dozen Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in recent days.

The ruble at the bottom - it hit its lowest level against the dollar since April 2022

The Russian ruble fell to a 14-month low against the dollar today under pressure from low oil prices and tight foreign currency supplies, Reuters reported.

In pre-morning trade, the ruble lost 1.2 percent against the dollar to 83.60 rubles, which is its lowest level since April 2022, BTA informed.

The fall against the euro was 1.5 percent to 90.26 rubles, and for the first time in 7 months the threshold of 90 rubles per euro was crossed, and against the yuan, the loss was 0.9 percent to 11.67 rubles.

Traders expect the ruble to strengthen at the end of the month as exporters begin to turn over their hard currency to pay their debts to the state budget.

However, some believe that before that it will fall even to 90 rubles per dollar.

"The situation around the ruble is very worrying," says Alexey Antonov from Alor Broker.

Russian rocket destroyed a 5-story building in Kryvyi Rih, casualties reported

Three people were killed and 25 were injured (19 of them are in hospital) after a Russian missile attack on a five-story building in Kryvyi Rih, reported the head of the military administration based in Dnipro, Serhiy Lysak.

According to him, three cruise missiles were destroyed by air defense forces, but some still broke through the defenses and hit civilian buildings.

A five-story building was hit. According to preliminary information, three residents died and another 25 were injured. There are people under the rubble.

However, the mayor of the city, Oleksandr Vilkul, reports that there are probably at least 7 deaths.

The apartments from the first to the fifth floor are in flames. The fire has covered 700 square meters. It is extinguished by rescuers.

"Three of the victims are in a private enterprise. They are hospitalized. There are probably people under the debris of the destroyed warehouse. The rescuers are looking for them. Six cars were damaged. Four more victims are in another place. There the building and the cars were set on fire. The fire has already been extinguished," reported Lysak.

The vehicle plant was also damaged. A truck was also on fire. The flames are now out. An agricultural building was destroyed.

A mobile victim reporting center is located in the city. The police documented the effects of the rocket strikes.

Rescue teams are working everywhere and the consequences of the attack are being clarified.

The Russians did not leave the Nikopol region alone either. At night, they shelled Pokrovskaya and Marganetskaya municipalities with heavy artillery. The area is being surveyed.

On the night of Tuesday, June 13, an air alert was declared in a number of regions of Ukraine. At the same time, explosions erupted in many regions. At the moment, the destruction of all enemy targets in the sky above the capital and the striking of residential properties in Kryvyi Rih, have been established.

At the same time, the Russians attacked Kharkiv with Shahed drones. The attack caused damage to a utility company in the Kyiv region and a warehouse in the Saltovsky region.

In total, 14 Kh-101/555 cruise missiles were used during the night attack against Ukraine, of which 10 were destroyed by air defense.

Seven villages were liberated after the Ukrainian counteroffensive

An air alert has been declared in more than 10 regions of Ukraine. There is a warning of a possible missile attack in the area of the capital Kyiv.

There are reports of explosions on Telegram channels, but there is no official information about them. Authorities are urging Ukrainians not to ignore the sirens and seek refuge. 7 villages have already been liberated by Ukrainian forces since the start of the counteroffensive last week, the Ministry of Defense said.

Moscow has not officially recognized the progress of the Ukrainian military. According to Russian media, heavy fighting in the Bakhmut area continues. According to the latest data, the victims of the floods after the destruction of the "Nova Kakhovka" dam wall are 10, there is no information about more than 40 people. President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the successes of the Ukrainian army:

"The battles are fierce, but we are moving forward - and that is the important thing. The losses of the enemy are exactly what we need. Although the weather is not on our side these days - the rain makes our task even more difficult. But the power of our warriors is paying off. I am grateful to everyone who is currently fighting, to everyone who is supporting our combat brigades in the field."

Ukraine announced 10 dead and 41 missing after the destruction at the Nova Kakhovka dam

Ukraine said the number of victims of floods caused by the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam has reached 10, and 41 people in Kherson region are missing.

"We have ten dead in Kherson and its surroundings... and 41 missing," Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko reported on Telegram.

The Nova Kakhovka dam, located in an area under Russian control, was damaged on June 6, flooding hundreds of square kilometers along the Dnieper River. This forced the evacuation of thousands of local residents and raised fears of a humanitarian and environmental disaster.

The governor of the Kherson region, Oleksandr Prokudin, announced on Telegram that two more bodies were found in the city of Kherson.

"In one of the districts of the city, the body of a woman whose identity has not yet been established, as well as a 50-year-old man, were found," he said.

A day earlier, Prokudin reported three deaths after the Russian army opened fire on a boat evacuating civilians.

Russia has announced seven deaths from the rising waters in the territories it controls under the dam. The representative of the Russian administration in the region said on Monday evening that the water had completely receded from the town of Nova Kakhovka and several nearby settlements occupied by Russian forces, but settlements in the Hola Prystan and Oleshky regions remained under water.

The Russian authorities have begun to vaccinate the population against viral hepatitis type A, typhoid and dysentery. The collection of corpses of dead animals has begun due to fears of causing an epidemic, Interfax news agency reports.

Kyiv and Moscow blame each other for the destruction of the dam wall. According to Ukraine, Russia mined and blew up the dam to block the advance of its troops into this southern region. Russia claims that Ukrainian shelling caused the breach in the wall that caused the flooding.

Russians: Vremevsky Height captured. An important breakthrough of the VSU on the Zaporizhzhia Front

The Vremevsky Height (Времевский выступ) was captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU). This is the strategically important position of the Zaporizhzhia Front, towards which the first blow of the counteroffensive was directed.

"The Vremevsky Height where I was fighting fell. Not only were the positions I stood on lost, but they had almost reached my temporary deployment point in the rear (10 km from the front)," Russian military correspondent Ros Marsov reported on Telegram.

According to him, this was expected because the prepared defense lines were built too far away - at Staromlinovka and Krasnaya Polyana.

It was not easy for VSU to advance, their losses in equipment and manpower were significant. Surovikin's defensive lines are well positioned and not yet approached. When they break through them as well, it will be possible to say that the counteroffensive was successful”, Marsov points out.

He also states that he hopes that all civilians from the nearby settlements will be evacuated and "the sympathizers of Russia will not be left to be slaughtered by the maniacs from the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

"While our army held Neskuchnoe and Blagodatnoe, the extremely inconvenient village of Stremka was able to supply our army with weapons and reserves. After we lost Neskuchnoe and Blagodatnoe, Storozhevoe and Makarovka began to fall, because it would have been suicidal to stay in them. The supply line ran through an open area along the river. The main threat was that the flanks at Ravnopole and Novodonetsk could collapse and then the VSU would surround our army, cutting off the road. It would be enough to cut ONE road and it would be impossible to get out of encirclement without combat," explains the war correspondent.

According to him, the fact that the grouping in Neskuchnoe was not surrounded, although there was a real possibility of this happening, shows that the defense is generally being conducted successfully, and the footage with burnt equipment confirms it.

At the same time, we will not approach Vremevka again soon, there are still many battles ahead, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces have not exhausted their offensive reserves”, says Marsov and clarifies:

"The meat grinder is on both sides."

The former adviser in the president's office, Volodymyr Zelensky, Oleksii Arestovych, also reported on the successes of the VSU in this area. According to him, there will still be good news in this direction.

"Find Staromlinovka on the map, south of Velika Novoselka. The Russian evil tongues report that there is already fighting for it. After its capture, our troops will have room for action for the first time. A few kilometers to the south there is another defensive line, but it is weak. This is an incredible result (in just four days) in these particular conditions," Arestovych wrote on his Facebook profile.

And added:

"I remind you that our main forces have not yet entered the battle."

Ukraine has shelled villages in Russia's Kursk region, a regional governor said

Ukrainian shelling early this morning damaged several houses and cut off gas and electricity supplies in two villages in Russia's Kursk region near the border with Ukraine, district governor Roman Starovoit said today on Telegram.

Nine houses were damaged and access to gas and electricity was cut off in the village of Tyorkino, Starovoit wrote. In his statement, he added that in the village of Glushkovo several houses were damaged and two were set on fire by the shots.

Ukraine almost never claims responsibility for attacks in Russia or on territory controlled by Russian forces in Ukraine, Reuters notes.

The agency cannot confirm reports from independent sources.

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