Borissov declared WCC-DB an Opposition: GERB in a hurry to form a Cabinet with DPS, BSP and TISP

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GERB Leader Boyko Borissov

"Our problem for 10-12 years was that we had no opposition. Now, whatever happens, there is strong opposition in the parliament - both from Vazrazhdane and WCC-DB". This was stated by GERB leader Boyko Borissov to journalists in the parliament after yesterday's meeting with WCC-DB.

During the talks, deputies from GERB-SDS several times asked to hear the categorical "no" from WCC-DB for a joint cabinet. The new coalition recalled the decision of their national bodies, according to which they will not support a cabinet with the first mandate. However, Kiril Petkov did not close the door completely and added that they will inform the party structures of the results of the conversation with GERB. His reply came at the moment when Mariya Gabriel wrote off the WCC-DB as a coalition partner.

Despite not receiving a categorical refusal from the new coalition, Borissov hastened to form a cabinet with BSP and DPS and after the end of the meeting announced the start of leadership talks with the other parties as early as tomorrow.

"They (WCC-DB) clearly said that a common cabinet is not possible, but they also said that our common policies will be supported in the parliament. This is also important for a working cabinet," he said.

Borissov said that he will no longer wait for the decisions of the authorities of the new coalition, because "they have already mocked him" and added that the talks should continue with DPS, BSP and TISP, which he defined as "essential elements." He added that the criticisms made by WCC-DB during the meeting were aimed at derailing GERB's negotiations with others.

In his next sentence, however, he changed his mind and set a deadline for the new coalition to think - until tonight or tomorrow morning (today). Meanwhile, a high-ranking representative from WCC-DB explained to Bulgarian media "OFFNews" that no change is expected in the position of the new coalition.

The future cabinet "Gabriel"

The leader of GERB stated that at this stage there are no talks about ministerial seats - he must first get consent from BSP, ITN and DPS that they are ready to participate in a government, and then propose names. According to him, however, the final decision will be of Mariya Gabriel, who will decide which of the proposed people she can work with.

He declared that he was ready for meetings with Kornelia Ninova, who has been insisting on leadership meetings for days. Borissov does not see a problem in the divergence between GERB and BSP on the issue of weapons for Ukraine, it became clear from his words:

"We are the sixth country to export arms to Ukraine (...) We have no dispute with Mrs. Ninova. Arms will be exported to Ukraine, as it has been done all these years," he said with a smile, mocking the leader of the left, who swore that not a single "bullet will go to Ukraine."

Borisov again did not give a definitive answer to the question of what the mandate of the government should be, but stated: "It should not serve a full term." According to him, the "Gabriel" cabinet should work at least until the adoption of the budget for 2024. This usually happens at the end of the year, and in this sense it becomes clear that Borissov wants GERB to be in power during the local elections this fall.

Geshev's removal

Boyko Borissov stated that the first step towards judicial reform is the removal of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev, but in order to complete the process, it is necessary to introduce the mechanism for investigating the chief prosecutor.

"Suddenly it turns out that Geshev saved me from arrest? Well, I will go back and stay for two more days," he added.

Asked if he does not see synchronicity between the political power and the prosecutor's office, Borissov denied. He added that he did not know the people in the prosecutor's collegium of the Supreme Court from the GERB quota and even asked for a lie detector. However, they were the same ones who defended Geshev during the previous two requests for his early release - by the Ministers of Justice Yanaki Stoilov and Nadezhda Yordanova.

Borissov appeared at the meeting to continue the good tone

The leader of GERB also commented on why he surprisingly appeared at the meeting between Mariya Gabriel and the leaders of WCC-DB. In his words, he made the decision spontaneously and for the sake of the good tone of the conversation:

"I wouldn't have come if Delyan and Temenuzhka hadn't barged in and ruined the nice conversation"

It made an impression that Borissov appeared in the parliament when WCC-DB and GERB-SDS started exchanging mutual accusations of corruption.

WCC-DB takes the legal commission

Borissov once again categorically stated that Stoyu Stoev from WCC-DB will head the legal commission.

He said that his deputies would keep their word because that was how trust was built.

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