The Perpetrators of the Assassination Attempt against the Bulgarian Prosecutor General had a Plan B for his Murder

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At the place where the assassination attempt was carried out, an assassination attempt was also carried out against famous criminal Konstantin Dimitrov-Kosjo Samokovetsa in 2003

At the time of the assassination attempt against the Prosecutor General, he was not traveling with his family, as was initially claimed, Nova TV reported.

The blast was aimed so that if the car's armor survived, the shock wave would move the car several meters to the side and it would fall into the ravine.

According to data from the security services, no more than five people in Bulgaria can make such an explosive device. However, the person who physically activated it was in a hurry, which is why the assassination attempt resulted in no casualties.

The version that the bomb was detonated by a drone experts define as "unlikely", because it explodes at a precise moment, and the perpetrator must have a clear line of sight to the target.

At the place where the assassination attempt was carried out, an assassination attempt was also carried out against famous criminal Konstantin Dimitrov-Kosjo Samokovetsa in 2003.

Is there a political connection related to the assassination attempt against Ivan Geshev?

Lena Borislavova: Something about this attack doesn't seem right

The former deputy of "We Continue the Change" Lena Borislavova suspects that the assassination attempt against Ivan Geshev was staged.

On her Facebook profile page, she wrote the following:

"I can't express my suspicion better than something about this bombing doesn't seem right. P.S. I hope no one goes so far as to risk their children's lives. But an explosion in the grass... It's the job of the investigating authorities. Questions remain."

The post of the chairman of the Bulgarian Gas Association, Plamen Pavlov, was attached to her publication. In it he writes:

"May God forgive me for my disbelief. But how can I believe in an attempted assassination attempt by organized crime against the chief prosecutor, after the staging that caused the bankruptcy of KTB, for the staging that led to the removal of the mayor of the Sofia district 'Mladost', Desislava Ivancheva, in which Ivan Geshev was the screenwriter and chief executive".

Pavlov also expresses disbelief because of "the compulsive political campaign organized by him to wash his image in the USA and the EU and his presentation as a fighter against organized crime, after the publicly disclosed 'Josie' affair, after the publicly disclosed 'Eight Dwarfs' affair, in which the main prosecutor heard us, saw us".

According to him, it doesn't matter "who put a firework designated as an explosive device in front of his motorcade, I don't care and where he goes on weekends engaging the NSS, I don't care and why the motorcade with him took a trip after they received information about an assassination, I'm only interested in when we will get an answer about the role of Geshev and Co. in the mafia-controlled state".

Slavi Trifonov's "There Is Such a People" and Kostadin Kostadinov's "Vazrazhdane" are the only parliamentary parties that condemned what was declared by the prosecutor's office as a "terrorist act" against the motorcade of Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev earlier on Monday.

"Practically, this is an attempt against the state. Everyone can have their own opinion about the professionalism of the chief prosecutor, but in human terms, what happened is a terrible, monstrous, brutal crime," the TISP leader wrote on Facebook.

In his words, "such acts raise the question of whether we are a normal country at all".

The press center of "Vazrazhdane" distributed a position in which they condemn "the committed terrorist act and we insist on the fastest possible investigation, detection of the culprits and punishments".

Emanuil Yordanov: The level of crime in Bulgaria does not suggest an assassination attempt against the Prosecutor General

"Obviously there is a slip of officials for this incident against the Prosecutor General to happen". This was stated by former Interior Minister Emanuil Yordanov to the National Radio.

"There are some inconsistencies that are disturbing to me. The level of crime in Bulgaria in recent years does not suggest an assassination attempt against the Prosecutor General. It has been a long time since some impressive and serious crime has been committed. The most serious crimes are domestic murders. In addition, when the prosecutor's office did the press conference a while ago explaining the threats, it was about oligarchs and criminals collecting money to pay lobbyists to smear the prosecutor general. It's unclear to me why you have to pour a huge amount of money into lobbyists when you are preparing to kill someone", he commented to BNR.

According to him, the guarded person has the opportunity to sometimes influence the choice of route. However, when these issues are discussed, guards can express an opinion and the guarded person should agree, Yordanov stressed, adding: "In the end, they are the people who are responsible."

According to him, no legislative changes are needed to strengthen security. "It's just that everyone has to do their job," believes the former interior minister.

"It is very important to give a clear signal that in this case the state is united and will stand with all its might against the people who committed this crime, regardless of who they are," Emanuil Yordanov was also categorical about the meeting with the caretaker prime minister after yesterday's incident.

Is there a leak of inside information in the attack on Geshev?

"Blowing up a car is a serious attack. To say categorically what actually exploded without getting information is impossible to be clear. If the explosive device was placed on the ground, the crater is one, and if it was in the air - another. If it is a factory-made landmine or an improvised explosive device - completely different". This is how Prof. Milen Ivanov, former vice-rector of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, commented on the incident with the chief prosecutor's motorcade.

According to him, two things should be separated - who benefits from this incident from who committed it. "The one who did it could be a hired assassin. Whoever organized the attack had enough information about the route of Geshev, who has relatives in Samokov. The road from Sofia has three routes - through Dupnitsa, through Yarema and through Pancharevo. It's easy to calculate where the motorcade will pass, it's very visible. I'd bet on simple surveillance, not a leak of inside information. It's a strange attack with an explosive device, the organization is very complex," he pointed out.

For his part, Tihomir Bezlov, chief security expert at the Center for the Study of Democracy, believes that the question is who gains what from an attack on Geshev. "The problem for the state is that it was carried out against a key figure. There is an effort to target the car windows. It was not done amateurishly. There are various conspiracy theories about the reasons - one of them is that revelations about planned bombings began in March against persons from the Ministry of the Interior. Two weeks ago there were such again. Others say that the prosecutor's office has serious enemies abroad and they have serious financial capabilities. Today, the version that this comes from Russia is being circulated," he commented.

According to him, it is unrealistic to leak information from the National Security Service. "Besides the device, tracking the Prosecutor General's route is a serious effort," noted Bezlov.

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