Bulgaria: The Movement for Rights and Freedoms met with the President for Consultations

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Karadayi (left) and President Radev (right)

President Rumen Radev continues the political consultations for forming a government with the parliamentary groups in the 49th National Assembly.

At 11:00 a.m., the meeting of the head of state with the representatives of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) began. On behalf of the DPS, Mustafa Karadayi and Yordan Tsonev participated in today's consultations. The chairman of the Movement treated the head of state with sweets and baklava, as today Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr, also known as Sweet Eid, precisely because sweets are given as gifts.

At the beginning of the meeting, Rumen Radev recalled that at the previous consultations (during the formation of the 48th National Assembly), Mr. Karadayi was right, indicating that the parties in the new parliament will achieve the same result in percentage terms.

"Even back then, you called for a new look at the political process and the search for new approaches to the formation of a ruling majority. You laid out in your campaign the need to seek dialogue, reason and compromise, and in my opinion, this is one of the reasons for consolidating your solid presence in parliament ", noted the head of state.

"As a party with a lot of parliamentary experience, I would like to hear your assessment of the political processes in the 49th National Assembly and how you assess the possibility of forming a government. Because before the parliament, and before the Presidency, the challenges are enormous", Radev asked at the beginning of the consultations with DPS.

"There is also a risk of not forming a government, and if we follow the standard procedure with the distribution of mandates, this will also lead to a failure in legislative activity, which will have lasting consequences for the country. A number of important laws, from a number of parliaments, are waiting to be adopted, and they overlap. This is a complex, interconnected system of problems, and it depends on the timing and prioritization of their consideration," the president also said.

He also asked "what are the conditions for the DPS to support the majority, given that you have many common interests" in relation to the movement's claim that it will be in opposition to the formed majority of the first two parties.

"We said that for now we are not part of this majority, not for anything else, but because of the approach - the lack of dialogue. Since we have not participated in these talks, since we are not part of this majority, for now, let's be in opposition to this majority both as a model of behavior and as a political party. But for us the model is more important," replied Karadayi.

Radev noted that the state budget will be submitted by the caretaker government, because it is not clear when there will be a regular government.

"For the European integration of Bulgaria, we have our contribution as DPS. Back in 1991, from the rostrum of the National Assembly, our honorary chairman, doctor Ahmed Dogan, declared the direction for Bulgaria's development, namely membership in NATO and the EU. To our pride, this was realized, when we were in power. In 2004, we entered NATO and the Movement for Rights and Freedom was in power. And in 2007, we entered the EU and DPS was in power. Apparently, DPS needs to come into power in order for Bulgaria to enter Schengen and the Eurozone," said Mustafa Karadayi.

"If you remember, in the previous meeting, we talked about the budget again, and then we shared our concerns that if there is no regular cabinet and a clear majority to be responsible for a certain longer period of time and the budget is opened, only the stated policies, which were then in the public space from the field of populism were about 10 billion. That's why it is necessary! In this case, we are not obliged to say one more thing - in 2020, we had to sign the operational programs and the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and together with the Strategic plan for agriculture, this is a total of, roughly speaking, 60 billion BGN, which are sitting in Brussels and waiting for us to do our homework," stressed Karadayi.

The DPS leader added that after the elections there were 20 missed days in which a majority in the National Assembly could have been structured, which would have been able to appoint a regular cabinet.

"But we observe that the first two political forces entered the field of populism to determine some bills to be considered, without having a clear entity to bear the responsibility for these actions", the DPS leader pointed out.

"At the moment we are observing rather lost time. The participants in political life themselves can hardly overcome their personal and political egos, everyone talks about dialogue, but different people using the term dialogue understand different things," noted Karadayi.

дпс диалог разум оформим отговорно мнозинство

DPS: Through dialogue and reason, we can form a responsible majority in the National Assembly with the first mandate

The DPS called for reason and dialogue with other political parties to lead to the formation of a stable government. After the consultations with President Rumen Radev, the leader of the Movement, Mustafa Karadayi, clarified that it is possible to do this already within the first mandate in the form of a coalition government.

"At the moment there is no dialogue - there are conversations. Let's call for reason and responsibility and through dialogue let's start giving our efforts to form a responsible majority in the National Assembly. This can also be used around the first mandate. Let's go beyond our personal and party ego in the name of public interests in the name of the people, so that through reason, responsibility and dialogue to form a majority in the National Assembly, whose agenda coincides with the people's agenda, we can issue a stable cabinet", urged the leader of DPS Mustafa Karadayi on the way out of the meeting with the president.

He pointed out that the main topics on society's agenda are inflation, high prices, insecure jobs, and instead of dealing with these, politicians put personal or party egos above the public interest.

According to Karadayi, GERB-SDS and WCC-DB are pushing the country towards six unnecessary parliamentary elections by trying to shift the responsibility for this to each other.

"Through the talks, the first two powers demonstrate a competition, how one of them is not to blame for another new election, but not an effort to get out of the political situation. They both negotiate and try to transfer to each other who is to blame for another new unnecessary parliamentary elections. "With what we have seen in the last 20 days, the country is being pushed towards another unnecessary early election. This can be avoided through dialogue, reason and compromise," he pointed out.

Earlier today, President Rumen Radev spoke with representatives of the "Vazrazhdane" party.

Yesterday, President Radev met with the first two parliamentary formations - GERB-SDS and "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria", and later today he will hold political consultations with the remaining two parliamentary groups in the 49th National Assembly - those of the Bulgarian Socialist Party and of "There Is Such a People" (TISP).

After the end of the political consultations with the six parliamentary formations, the president must decide when he will hand over a mandate to form a cabinet to GERB-SDS.

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