The Bachelor, Putin and the World Cup among the Top Google Searches by Bulgarians in 2022

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Global events, local politics, movie titles - what interested Bulgarians in 2022

· The annual ranking of the most searched words on Google is out

· Putin heads the list of searched persons from Bulgaria

· How much is a gram of gold and Turkish lira are among the frequently asked questions

And 2022 passed under the shadow of the coronavirus, and its variants continued to harass us. That's probably why the most frequent searches include: "how much does an antigen test cost", "how to check if I'm under quarantine" and "omicron symptoms". However, the number one topic of the past year, according to the terms searched on Google, is undoubtedly the war in Ukraine. Terms such as "Ukraine", "Russia", and "Putin" are on the list of searches from Bulgaria, and Vladimir Putin himself is also the most searched person for the last 12 months. Only after him are local figures from the news such as Lena Borislavova, Simona Radeva, Kiril Petkov, Vezhdi Rashidov, Slavi Panayotov, and the great tennis player Djokovic is only in ninth place.

Whether because of inflation or the growth in e-commerce - Bulgarians are increasingly looking for the prices of various products online, and the inquiries are more than interesting. From standard questions like "how much does a gram of gold cost" or "how much does an antigen test cost" to surprising new searches like the price of an ostrich egg, a cow or a bathroom renovation.

As usual, major sporting events find a place on the list. This year, the glory did not pass Qatar, which hosts the World Cup of football. The small country is perhaps not so well known to Bulgarians, and that is why Qatar comes in 7th place in the most searched terms.

Traditionally, the local people have a strong interest in reading and cooking. Of the literature, the most interesting for readers are books on self-improvement and psychological help, alongside sensational titles, but at the table, as usual, we stick to the classics - lutenitsa and moussaka again mark a strong presence.

This year, the film titles also make an impression, among which are two sensational Bulgarian films from 2022 - "Petya of my Petya" and "In the heart of the machine", as well as series from the streaming platforms, with the ranking there headed by "Stranger Things", but the new hit series "House of the Dragon" also finds a place.

Lists by category can be seen below:

General searches

1. Ukraine

2. The Bachelor

3. World Cup

4. Elections 2022

5. Vladimir Putin

6. Queen Elizabeth

7. Qatar

8. Omicron symptoms

9. Lena Borislavova

10. Monkeypox


1. Vladimir Putin

2. Lena Borislavova

3. Simona Radeva

4. Alain Delon

5. Kiril Petkov

6. Vezdi Rashidov

7. Slavi Panayotov

8. Diana Gabrovska

9. Novak Djokovic

10. Alexandra Turkmen


1. Purple hearts

2. 365 days: This day

3. Petya of my Petya

4. Bai Ivan: The Movie

5. Uncharted: Off the Map

6. Black Adam

7. Thor: Love and Thunder

8. Don't look up

9. Minions 2

10. In the heart of the machine


1. Clay

2. Ready to win

3. A heart of gold

4. Crown of Thorns

5. Where the crabs sing

6. Time apart

7. The summer I became beautiful

8. Get Rich Book

9. Ivan Kostov book

10. Active sitting book


1. how to vote by machine

2. how to find out how much my pension is

3. how to write an essay

4. how omicron works

5. how to lower the temperature

6. how to check if my sick leave has been transferred

7. how to take blood

8. how to bake kozunak

9. how to get rid of ants

10. how to check if I am under quarantine

How much does it cost...

1. how much is 1 gram of gold worth

2. how much does an ostrich egg cost

3. How much does an antigen test cost?

4. how much does it cost to register a car

5. how much is the dollar worth

6. how much does it cost to change an ID card

7. how much is a cow worth

8. how much is the turkish lira worth

9. how much is one bitcoin worth

10. how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom


1. Gourmet recipe

2. Lutenica recipe

3. Tripe soup recipe

4. Moussaka recipe

5. Chicken with rice recipe

6. Soda bread recipe

7. Gyoza recipe

8. Gyros recipe

9. Grandma's köpoolu recipe

10. Pasticcio recipe

Series from streaming platforms

1. Strange Things

2. Euphoria

3. House of the Dragon

4. Squid Game

5. The summer I became beautiful

Bulgarian TV series

1. Dads

2. With a river of heart

3. The lies within us

4. Me and my wives

5. The policemen from the edge of the city

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