Boyko Borissov: We are ready with a Cabinet. I will not be Prime Minister

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Boyko Borissov @bTV

We can form a government with the first mandate - it will not be sustainable, it will not cause the calm we want and the tension will continue to grow. The only good in winter and war is a regular government and parliament.”

This was stated by GERB leader Boyko Borissov to bTV.

I thank President Radev for his wisdom and patience so that we can get used to the fact that we are also winners.”

The people want a regular cabinet, this is dictated by common sense, everything else is a disaster. We should not talk about mandates at all, and we already have a very good coalition in the National Assembly: the votes in the parliament show it. There, the election results and voting results are identical: the Bulgarians from the Euro-Atlantic Union and NATO, and those who support Russia. The decision to provide military aid to Ukraine, which we promised our voters, received 175 votes in favor, that's an overwhelming majority. The decision for the second part of the F-16 Block 70 squadron was supported by 162 votes, four parties - a solid majority. The decision for 100% diversification of Russian nuclear fuel - 153 people support from different parties.

I do not want Democratic Bulgaria and We Continue the Change to support my mandate, and we will not support theirs. But if the parliament continues to work like this, how will we explain why we are ruining it?

The anti-corruption coalition for the KPCONPI Law received an overwhelming majority in the committee, from all parties.”

It is a gross insinuation to claim that there is a ‘paper coalition’ of GERB and BSP regarding the paper ballot”, added Borissov. “The machines remain in their full volume, every Bulgarian who wants to vote on the machines of the Venezuelan Maduro has the right to do so. It said ‘the diary has been tampered with’. We say that there is no such coalition, second - 100% of the machine vote remains, it may turn out that 99% of people prefer machines. Now with the machines, the invalid votes are 190 thousand”, added Borissov. (In reality people that chose "I don't support anyone" button correspond with this number)

The first fake news is that the machines have been removed. No, they leave in their full volume. A paper ballot is added to them. I support the concerns of DB and DPS that a 100% secure machine vote is not provided. The fact that there are no such machines anywhere in Europe is obvious.

What we are proposing - as a very, very urgent matter, the experts ensure that the machines are safe: for example, the scraps that come out are stamped and also put in an urn to be counted. Now, if we want to appeal the elections, how will it be, when there are only sacks with flash drives”, asked the GERB leader.

I was proposing an option with the contact groups so that we could start talking in some way. Plevneliev found and raised the name Hristo Ivanov, until then no one knew him. Solomon Passy is the undisputed leader in the Euro-Atlantic Union. Obviously, the parties did not want to negotiate like that - well, then in the second way, transparently and in the parliament, with contact groups; Yesterday, WCC and BSP talked, and we will talk with BSP. Depending on these conversations, it will become clear what we are doing.

They asked us to support them with a declaration, in which it was written that President Radev should force the MoF to submit a budget. We answered succinctly: in four years, Asen Vassilev submitted 4 budgets, the last one was 2 months ago. In such a situation, without a government, to open a Budget is not reasonable. That is why we say: we will support the declaration and the Ministry of Finance to submit a budget only when a document is signed that clearly states that the 16 points of WCC, the 3 of BSP, the 2 of GERB, etc. will be accepted. Then there is no risk, we only vote what we have agreed on.

After Rosen Plevneliev put Hristo Ivanov - then completely unknown, as deputy prime minister, and he did not go to the meeting with GERB, he is at least obliged to go and say: ‘Good day, I can't negotiate, goodbye’. After Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev worked with Rosen Plevneliev for so many years, they could go to the meeting and say ‘Good day’ to him out of respect.”

A leadership meeting in the parliament can only be held when we agree on a joint declaration”, Borissov is categorical.

Everyone asks me why I am so well-intentioned. I am like that because I am interested in people spending the winter in the conditions of war in the lightest possible way” - this is how Borissov answered the question of whether he forgave Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev for his arrest, which the court confirmed as illegal.

I want so badly to have no competition in any party, but it is the people who say who should retire. There is none more experienced than me at the moment. I can lead Bulgaria the best of all.

I will not be a candidate for prime minister, so that it is certain that there will be a government in some mandate. With 67 MPs, you have to find a section on which to form a government. Experts and old ministers of GERB I would like to see in a new cabinet, if that time comes, you will see them.

Rosen Hristov made a political attack against WCC, GERB will also demand his resignation

I am quite angry with caretaker minister Rosen Hristov - the caretaker government’s job is to make elections, not an assessment. There are SANS, GDBOP, prosecutor's office, which will investigate. Why is he attacking some of our potential WCC partners? I defend them because I am principled - the caretaker minister has one function according to the Constitution - to look after his work and make fair elections, and yesterday Hristov committed a political act - an attack against this party, We Continue the Change. Hristov said monstrous things yesterday, I hope Kiril and Asen will answer him. Is he as guilty as Grozdan Garadzhov and Sasho Kesha, - Hristov claims that Kiril Petkov bought natural gas 30% more expensive, and did nothing to have sustainable long-term contracts, Hristov said from the parliamentary tribune. I don't trust this minister, whether I'm saying it ironically, let people decide for themselves”, added Borissov.

I secretly hoped that Delyan Dobrev was wrong to throw the same documents around on television. If all this turns out to be true, this party - WCC, will become very difficult to communicate with. Because not guaranteeing yourself slots for tankers, and continuing to buy Russian gas at 30% more expensive price to feed the middlemen, and finally the NSI comes out and categorically says that billions of dollars have flown out for oil and gas in direction of the Russian Federation during sanctions. Therefore, there were several votes that puzzled us, for example, that Asen Vassilev did not vote for the second shipment of F-16, that many WCC deputies were not present in the hall or abstained. The most populist thesis is to claim that the money for airplanes could have gone for a tunnel under Petrokhan. Then why should we have an army at all”, asked the GERB leader. “Why then don't we give for a tunnel under Shipka and for other tunnels. Whoever does not feed his own army feeds another's”, added Borissov.

They are lucky that it is not now President Trump who is pulling out the NATO list in which each country owes a certain percentage to NATO.

We demand the resignation of Rosen Hristov. He cannot attack the parties of ‘change’ like that. They are together, and obviously they were acting in favor of Russia and the intermediaries. I can't accept this.

Demerdzhiev's resignation is an act of taking responsibility in memory of the outrages that have occurred in recent weeks and months. But they happened as a result of Boyko Rashkov, as a result of the fact that the professionals were disaffected, and it was the Border Police - because it is the most visible - it was not a sloppy administration - they killed two policemen in Burgas, a week later they got away with the company cars and they are all in the hospital, they left them at gunpoint! They explain that they had no batteries!

If Demerdzhiev has courage, he will say from whom they were inherited. I will say what we have left behind: at a time when the world was shaken by migration crises, the EU held two meetings of the Crisis Council a month, only we expertly looked at the problem and solved it. Naturally, the fence is good: when I decided to build the fence, there was such a strong reaction from Turkey that we are fencing, that I called President Erdogan and explained to him that I was building an auxiliary facility. For two years, this fence has not been repaired or maintained. Why didn't they buy the border guards body armor and guns. That's how I asked for the money for the fence - the EU gave 320 million for it, it's free for Bulgarians.”

If we are all wise, Bulgaria will have a regular government. There is still time to mature. A budget is made with a responsible government. Here's a proposal for everyone: 30-40 goals, a priority for each party, should unite us. We appoint ministers who are not political figures, we simply appoint a person to fulfill the goals”, Borissov suggested.

We support the policies of We Continue the Change, but when it comes to mandates, we warned against looking in which mandate the support lies in.

It will be easiest with the ‘Rise’

The third term can be easily won by ‘Bulgarian Rise’”, believes the leader of GERB. “This government will have a short term, so let us be responsible. We can always go to elections, this will be Radev's fourth caretaker government”, added Borissov.

If we demand the resignation of his ministers every day, imagine what our relationship with Radev is like. But he is still wise because he gives the parties time for negotiations. When he does good things and behaves wisely, when he aids the process, he is wise. Many years ago we spoke with him personally. The ego and the personal should be put aside”, urged Borissov.

GERB is ‘for’ a comprehensive judicial reform. Same woes, same enemies

I have not heard from the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev for at least several years”, commented the leader of GERB. “GERB is for a comprehensive judicial reform, we support the proposals of WCC in the parliament.

I saw that Rumen Radev was following me with a drone” - this is how Borissov commented on a question related to the photos with the drawer. “We are house to house. I swore to everything that I had no gold bars or anything. If I have hidden money, it will be sitting with my ex-banker wife, not in the drawers.

When Kiril Petkov comes and you ask him about Lena, I will come to answer about the drawer with the euro. Ask Petkov who took a picture of him with Lena Borislavova, the same one took a picture of me”, Borissov concluded.

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