Proton Therapy in Germany

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Proton therapy is a type of high-tech external beam radiotherapy that uses high-powered energy to treat malignancies and certain noncancerous neoplasms. With using protons instead of X-rays, up to 70% less radiation is delivered to the healthy tissues and organs near the pathological focus. This improves the quality of life after treatment and reduces risks of developing secondary cancers. Proton therapy is available only in the selected specialized centers.

The peculiarities of proton therapy

Proton therapy has unique advantages when treating a tumor located close to vital and sensitive organs. Protons are very selective in delivering their energy deep – the energy can be directed to the tumor very precisely.

The depth of the maximum proton energy penetration is about fifteen centimeters, whereas with X-ray or photon irradiation it does not exceed a few centimeters. In addition, proton irradiation is more destructive for cancer cells.

Protons do not release their energy up to a certain point. It is only at the braking stage, called the Bragg peak, that protons release energy, after which they move further. The Bragg peak can be precisely calculated. This means that an individual irradiation program is elaborated for each patient considering size and location of the tumor.

Proton therapy is indicated to people with deep-seated tumors. For some types of tumors, this technique is the only one that offers a real chance of treatment success. Among them are:

  • Liver carcinoma

  • Prostate carcinoma

  • Chondrosarcoma or chordoma of the skull base

  • Cerebral arteriovenous malformations

Advantages of proton therapy

The main advantage of the method is the preservation of vital body structures. The potential risks are reduced several times compared to conventional radiotherapy. Low radiation exposure allows for increased radiation doses focused on the tumor. Thus, the chances of curing cancer increase.

The method is based on three-dimensional irradiation of the target. Protons are accelerated, bombarding the tumor. Along the way, the accelerated particles release only a small part of the energy, focusing on the primary target – the malignant focus.

Physicians at proton therapy clinics in Germany manage to prevent the most undesirable effects through careful therapy planning and modern protocols. Thus, the risk of cancer recurrence after correctly performed proton therapy is low.

What types of cancer are treated in proton therapy centers in Germany?

According to international recommendations, people with head and neck tumors are candidates for proton therapy. For these patients, proton therapy is safer than conventional radiotherapy. Other key indications for proton therapy are brain tumors located in radiation-sensitive areas. The high precision of the technology allows cancer to be killed without damaging the brain.

Proton therapy also treats lung, thyroid, liver cancers, and abdominal and pelvic neoplasms. Sometimes it is the only treatment option to shrink an inoperable tumor. This is important for patients' quality of life and well-being.

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Undergoing proton therapy in Germany

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