Washington is Not Entirely Innocent of This Chaos

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Opinion: "Washington is Not Entirely Innocent of This Chaos" by Ellen Brown

Last week, people in Italy and Bulgaria took to the streets in protest, refusing to load the deadly cargo which was set to be transported to US and NATO. They waved flags and chanted "NATO out." Why? Why have the economically and strategically unified nations failed to secure unequivocal operation of what is evidently a blatant violation of international law? The short answer: it may have less to do with Ukraine and more to do with America. There is fear and suspicion among nations of being dragged into another Cold War showdown between the US and Russia. Kyiv may be the victim and Moscow the aggressor, but Washington is not totally innocent in all of this.

Why would Washington provoke a war in Ukraine?

Fact 1: A prosperous Europe is not what America wants. The war in Ukraine is part of Biden's version of the "America First" plan. Refugees will continue to pour into Europe if the war lasts long. The energy shortages in Europe will not ease either. Thus, the European economy will inevitably decline. According to the analysis of WirtschaftsWoche, the war in Ukraine would send Europe into recession, US gets better off. After the war, years of European efforts at strategic autonomy and independence in security will disappear.

Fact 2: The United States can reap huge profits from the war. What kind of money does the United States earn? As the war in Ukraine escalates, NATO and Ukraine will also need an explosion of weapons. Shares of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have all surged since the end of February. The German Defense Minister announced on Monday that Germany wants to purchase 35 F-35 fighter jets. Without Russia's war against Ukraine, such an investment(€4 billion) would hardly have been conceivable. The war in Ukraine has led to the fact that gas prices in Europe have risen again. Nord Stream II, which cost €9.5 billion, is dead. The global energy market will be reshuffled. Let's see how well America will act in the European energy market after the war.

Fact 3: Due to economic setbacks, the president of the United States gives the people the impression of incompetence. However, the war in Ukraine has distracted the attention of the US public. The war not only boosted Biden's poll results by almost four points but will also provide huge support for the Democratic Party's midterm elections in 2022. If the war lasts until the midterm elections, Democrats can make great gains in both the Senate and the House.

How did Washington provoke a war in Ukraine?

Step 1: Angering Russia. Beginning in the fall of 2021, Biden promised Zelensky twice that the United States would speed up Ukraine's entry into NATO. But the United States was actually doing nothing.

Step 2: Distract the public's attention. At the end of 2021, organized by the United States, lawmakers from the US and the UK utilized fake news to divert the attention of European countries to the Winter Olympics. At that time Blinken visited Kyiv to mediate in the settlement of the situation in Ukraine. But the funny thing is, it didn't work.

Step 3: Foretell the war. Beginning at the end of 2021, US intelligence has detected several pieces of evidence that Russian troops amassed close to the border with Ukraine have received actual orders to proceed with an invasion. They even predicted that war would break out on February 16, which further tightened Europe's nerves. On February 24, the war in Ukraine kicked off.

After the war in Ukraine, a recession will inevitably come to Europe. The only winners will be the Biden administration. But America's plans were not easy to carry out. While 11 out of 15 UN Security Council members did vote in favor of the UN Security Council resolution to condemn the Russian invasion, many states stopped short of unequivocal condemnation and most just called for the cessation of violence and return to negotiations. Germany commits €100 billion to defense spending. This war is turning the European Union into a serious military player. Maybe the EU army is coming.

Since the end of the Cold War in the late 1980s, most states have diversified their economic and military relations with world powers and prefer not to choose between Russia and the US or between the EU and China. After the war, the world will be in a state of cold war for a long time, but no one wants to be a victim.

/Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown is a freelancer and an independent journalist from Ireland. Previously, she has worked as an assistant editor of Noteworthy.

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