Deputy PM: Time has Shown that Sanctions against Russia are Harmful for Bulgaria

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“Time has shown that sanctions against Russia are harmful for Bulgaria and Europe, and a softening has begun - there will be no oil, no gas, and no Russian ships carrying energy carriers. The leaders of Europe have realized what such hard sanctions mean”, leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Industry Kornelia Ninova told BNT.

“BSP was a little ahead of events. We analyzed that these drastic sanctions will mainly affect the Bulgarian economy, Bulgarian tourism and Bulgarian families. Driven by these arguments and concerns for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people, we opposed the sanctions,” Ninova commented.

“Both Europe and our partners in the ruling coalition are already beginning to move closer to BSP's position. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said: ‘We will not support sanctions that Bulgaria cannot tolerate.’ I thank our partners for their understanding. We are sometimes corrective in the coalition - we express different opinions, but we are always guided by the state interest,” said the Socialists’ leader.

Regarding the fact that BSP ministers voted “abstained” on the occasion of the adoption of Dutch fighter jets to guard Bulgarian airspace, Ninova said:

“On the one hand, all military experts and analysts claim that there is no direct military threat to Bulgaria, and on the other hand: Let the Dutch fighters come to protect us. From what, if there is no direct threat? Looking for logic in politics, as rarely as If it happens, we from BSP say that there is no need for it now.”

Kornelia Ninova is adamant that arms exports to Ukraine are a red line for the Bulgarian Socialist Party

“For me, as Minister of Economy and Industry, the priority is to develop the military-industrial complex, but a much higher priority is peace and Bulgaria not to be involved in war. All experts and analysts say that supplying one side of the conflict with weapons means we go straight to war.”

According to her, it is illogical on the one hand for all politicians to say that they want to stop hostilities and start negotiations, and on the other hand - to supply weapons to continue the fighting.

“Yanev is a NATO man”

“BSP has experienced new left-wing projects several times. All of them ended fatally for serious politics. Besides, we are far clearer and more moderate on the issue of war than Stefan Yanev. Yanev is a NATO man. In my opinion, the release of NATO troops in Bulgaria has created an illusion of a new project and a moderate position,” said Kornelia Ninova.

“Of course, everyone in politics has the right to try, let them try. For us, the key thing right now is to lead the Bulgarian people through the crisis. Then, when the elections come, we will see who does what,” she commented.

“They want one of the parties in the coalition, rumors are about BSP, to be removed”

“GERB has repeatedly stated from the rostrum that a new government should be formed within this parliament. They want to return to power, but they do not want us to go through elections because the people do not know what result they will get, but they want one of the parties in the coalition, it is said it’s about BSP, to be removed,” said the leader of the Left.

She is of the opinion that if a party drops out of the coalition, there are two ways - a new government with GERB and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), or dissolving the parliament and going to new elections:

“This is a matter of state thinking - can we go to the polls for the fourth time in a year and during the war? Elections mean a lack of parliament, and tomorrow parliament may have to make a key decision on the war. We have three options: this government works and brings Bulgaria out of the crisis, one of the parties in the government drops out and GERB and DPS return, or if one of the parties drops out, we dissolve parliament and go to the polls. Let people decide which option is best for their lives.”


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