World Media: Ambitious New Government puts an End to Political Turmoil in Bulgaria

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The foreign press came out with headlines dedicated to the election of Kiril Petkov as Bulgaria's new prime minister and the vote of his government yesterday.

BGNES selected some of the publications in the media, on the first pages of which comments appeared minutes after the end of the sitting of the National Assembly.


Politico: End of months of political turmoil

The Bulgarian parliament ended months of political turmoil with the approval of a new government led by Harvard political novice and graduate Kiril Petkov. This is what Politico wrote after the vote in the Bulgarian parliament.

"Today is an important day to continue the change," Petkov was quoted as saying by the media. "Our first task is to realize that if we want a better future for Bulgaria, we must work together."

Sofia has been rocked by a crisis in the rule of law since the summer of 2020 when thousands of anti-corruption protesters took to the streets to demand the resignation of then-Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. The April elections removed Borissov from power, and a second vote in July offered no way to a new government before Petkov appeared in November. Politico commented, quoting the new prime minister in conclusion: "The mandate of this government will be based on a policy of zero tolerance for corruption."


Reuters: Bulgaria's new prime minister tackles corruption, EU and NATO integration, RNM dispute

Corruption will be exposed, Bulgaria's new prime minister promises, Reuters reported.

Bulgaria's new prime minister is committed to clearing up all corruption, the media quoted.

The approval of the composition of his broad coalition government puts an end to months of political stalemate in the poorest member state of the European Union.

Reuters also quoted Petkov as saying in front of the hall before his election, calling on all lawmakers to support the legal changes needed to restructure the judiciary.

"Petkov will lead the four-party alliance of Borissov's political opponents with the promise of improving public life, accelerating growth to more than 5% a year and facilitating faster catching up with richer Western partners," the agency continued. His cabinet will have to lead Bulgaria on the path to challenges ranging from tackling high energy costs and low levels of coronavirus vaccination to preparing the small and open economy to join the Eurozone in 2024. Petkov vowed to “deepen Bulgaria's integration in the EU and NATO's transatlantic alliance, and to step up talks with neighboring North Macedonia to resolve the historic dispute."


Bloomberg: Petkov's government may have difficulty serving its entire term

Bulgarian lawmakers back cabinet that promises to end corruption, Bloomberg reports

A new government led by a Harvard-trained anti-corruption activist has taken power in Bulgaria, ending political opposition that has blocked the EU member state's fight against corruption and the use of bloc funds.

"I will insist on the detection of corruption from the lowest to the highest level," Petkov was quoted as saying by parliament, declaring it "zero tolerance for every lev spent illegally."

Ranked as the most corrupt country in the EU, Bulgaria has been criticized for years for failing to uphold the rule of law. Other members of the bloc do not allow her into the Schengen area for free travel, and the European Commission said progress in the judiciary was needed to approve her access to reimbursement funds, the agency said.

According to Bloomberg, although it managed to secure a majority after a month of negotiations, Petkov's government may have difficulty serving a full four-year term. His coalition includes three other parties that have refused to cooperate in the past, Bloomberg recalls.


Jerusalem Post: Harvard graduate tackles corruption and economic growth

Bulgarian lawmakers elected Kiril Petkov, leader of the new centrist party We Continue the Change (WCC), as prime minister of the Balkan country on Monday, Israeli media reported.

"Petkov, 41, a Harvard-educated entrepreneur who promised zero tolerance for corruption to help boost economic growth, won a clear majority of 134 votes in the 240-member parliament after his WCC party consolidated the ruling four-party alliance." it is said in the commentary.


Daily Mail: New government is working to restore stability in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's parliament has officially approved the country's centrist new government in a bid to restore stability, tackle the coronavirus crisis, and boost economic development in the EU's poorest member state. That's what the British Daily Mail wrote.

Petkov, a Harvard-educated entrepreneur who served as economy minister in his previous cabinet, said transparency in public spending, zero tolerance for corruption, and judicial reform would be the cornerstones of his government's agenda. He also promised Bulgaria to continue on a pro-European and pro-NATO path.

"What we will manage is not our money, but the money of all Bulgarian citizens," Petkov was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Other priorities of the new government, listed by the British newspaper, are tackling the demographic crisis, rising living costs, and increasing slow coronavirus vaccination.

The country with a population of almost 7 million people has one of the fastest declining populations in the world, as well as the largest income inequality among the 27 countries of the European Union, the media recalls.


Handelsblatt: A four-party government has come to power in Bulgaria

A four-party government has been created in Bulgaria with the expectation of leading the country in the coming years. Priorities include delayed judicial reform and the fight against corruption, as well as tackling rising electricity prices and the coronavirus crisis. This is the comment of the German edition.

GERB, which is the second strongest party, is in political isolation due to corrupt practices, the media commented.


Süddeutsche Zeitung: A new government with great ambitions

After a series of failed attempts, Bulgaria has a new government - and with huge ambitions. Kiril Petkov will be the new Prime Minister of the southeastern EU country, German media reported.

It was thought that the coalition was likely to fail again. The fact that an alliance has now been reached under the leadership of the We Continue the Change (WCC) is also a satisfaction for President Rumen Radev, who was recently elected in office. He openly sided with protesters who took to the streets last year with tens of thousands of people against widespread corruption and the systematic favoring of oligarchs during the GERB government of longtime Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

Petkov and Vassilev and their coalition partners have a responsibility to "destroy a devilish power structure and tackle corruption and lawlessness, inequality, injustice and subversive activities of the state," Süddeutsche was quoted as saying.

However, from Brussels' point of view, one major problem is unlikely to disappear soon, even under the new government, the German newspaper said: Bulgaria has blocked EU accession talks with neighboring North Macedonia. Bulgaria's position "remains as it is," Süddeutsche quoted Petkov, although both sides demanded that "progress be made" and that "good neighborliness" be pursued. But his government, Petkov added in conclusion, will mainly defend Bulgarian interests.


TASS: The new government in Bulgaria with a message to the opposition

Kiril Petkov, one of the leaders of "We Continue the Change", which won Bulgaria's snap parliamentary elections on November 14th, has become the country's new prime minister.

"I look forward to the new government," President Rumen Radev was quoted as saying before the parliamentary control began.

"Only if we work as a team can we achieve the goal," Petkov was quoted as saying by TASS in an address to lawmakers while calling on the opposition to be constructive, critical, and observant.

The media also published a detailed list of future ministers and the ministry they hold.


RIA Novosti: Canadian emigrant and Harvard graduate heads power in Bulgaria

RIA Novosti also announced Petkov's appointment as prime minister, emphasizing in his biography the emigration with his parents to Canada in the mid-1990s, the study of finance at the University of British Columbia, and then business administration at Harvard University.


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