Bulgaria: No Green Certificate for the Deputies in the National Assembly

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The quarantined deputies will participate in the activities of the National Assembly remotely. The proposal of a group of representatives from "We Continue the Change" was adopted by 155 votes in favor.

Remote participation is carried out through an internet platform for video conferencing. MPs under quarantine or isolation are registered to participate in the sitting by displaying a special screen in the plenary hall. If they wish to vote, speak, reply, the deputies submit an application on the platform.

GERB wanted the introduction of a green certificate of entry into Parliament to be added to the text. However, their proposal, which led to a three-day debate, was not accepted after a vote and re-vote.

Friday's sitting of the National Assembly, instead of parliamentary control, began with a consideration of the point that scolded deputies during the past two sittings – how will quarantined MPs work and whether the green certificate should serve as an entrance permit to Parliament.

Parliamentary control was listed as the second item on the agenda. Ministers Georgi Panayotov, Stoycho Katsarov, Violeta Komitova, Daniela Vezieva and Andrey Zhivkov will answer questions from MPs.

"In a war, the one who knows and foresees the enemy better, wins. Vaccines train our immunity to anticipate and know the enemy. The certificate in our country has already been introduced for a large group of citizens, including children who go to school. The reasons are expert, medical and include the fact that vaccines reduce by 60% the risk of spreading the infection, by 70% hospitalization and by 90% - deaths," said Prof. Alexander Simidchiev, who read a statement on behalf of the parliamentary group of "Democratic Bulgaria".

According to him, the certificate should be valid for every MP, as it is valid for every citizen.

"Although the order of the Minister of Health does not cover the judiciary and the legislature, it would be a manifestation of a severe lack of morale and representation not to accept responsibility and not to comply with this requirement in the Bulgarian Parliament. Citizens, journalists and outsiders come here, which is why there are characteristics that exceed those in the workplace. From our action or inaction there are measurable health problems precisely because of the diversity of the signals we send to the citizens from this high tribune", Simidchiev emphasized.

He recalled that the role of the green certificate is only one - the person holding it to prove that they have not been in contact with a carrier of the virus, nor are they infected infected. The MP also stressed the fact that a similar measure has been introduced in other EU countries.

BSP MP Georgi Mihailov pointed out that the opinion of the parliamentary group coincides with that of the chairman of the PG of "We Continue the Change". He pointed out that the measure will be discussed between the representatives of the two parties, which will unite in a common decision. Mihailov added that all BSP representatives in parliament have a green certificate, but were outraged by its introduction in Bulgaria.

"The measure must either apply to everyone or not to anyone. If the minister can't fix his orders, he can't fix his things, we have to be honest and say just that. There is no other thesis, no other philosophizing", counters Manoil Manev from GERB.

The chairman of the General Assembly of "There Is Such a People" criticized "Democratic Bulgaria". According to him, from the rostrum they have stated that they will not support the proposal of Asen Baltov from GERB for the introduction of the certificate in the hall, and today they indicated that they will support it. However, Atanas Slavov from "Democratic Bulgaria" explained that in fact the party will come out with a counter-proposal.

"We do not restrict rights, on the contrary - we expand them. We give MPs the right to participate in the work of parliament. Whether the meeting looks like a mall or not, the similarities and differences may be greater as long as coalition negotiations take place in a mall. There is no drama here. Our attitude towards the green certificate is simple - we either accept it or we don't. Fine, submit the same proposal as did GERB and let it end ", said Lyuben Dilov Jr.

According to Krum Zargov, however, according to GERB's proposal, deputies without a green certificate will have more rights than those who have.

"MPs without a green certificate will have the right to choose whether to work remotely, while those with a certificate will be required to attend parliament. GERB uses the topic to play the string that MPs respect themselves more than others. This feeling in society has its basis and the problem is not in the green certificate", said the MP from the socialist party.

The proposal to end the disputes and move to a vote came from the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Asen Vassilev. Hristo Gadzhev made a reverse procedure, as such a procedure applies only to debates on second reading of a bill. However, the debates were stopped by the Speaker of the National Assembly and Baltov's proposal was put to the vote. Of the 193 MPs who voted, 77 were in favor and 99 against, which is why the proposal was not accepted. Vazrazhdane was asked to re-vote, and the proposal was again not accepted by 102 people who voted against. This was followed by a vote on the main text of "We Continue the Change", which was adopted by 155 votes in favor.


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