Bulgaria Ranks First in Stroke Mortality

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Cerebrovascular disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Bulgaria is one of the first places in this respect. The mortality rate from strokes is 270.1 for men and 265.1 for women per 100,000 population. In Bulgaria, about 82,398 cases of cerebrovascular diseases are registered annually, of which 35,311 cases are strokes.

Of the 35,311 registered cases of stroke, 7,175 patients died. The survivors of the stroke are 28,136 with varying degrees of disability, which in 10% of them is severe and requires additional care and assistance from family, relatives and society.

Of the stroke survivors, 25-50% have speech and language disorders, and in half of them these disabling disorders remain permanent. Stroke is the second most common cause of dementia, the most common cause of epilepsy in old age and a very common cause of depression.

Assoc. Prof. Rosen Kalpachki, Head of the Neurology Department at St. Anna Hospital, commented on the topic in "Our Day".

"In terms of strokes, Bulgaria is a record holder in the last two decades. There is no country in the world where the incidence and mortality from stroke are higher. The reasons are complex. It is possible that there is some genetic predisposition of the population. In my opinion, the main reason is that we are quite negligent in terms of lifestyle and prevention."



"Stroke care needs a certain system, and we, as a nation and as a people, are used to having something to swallow or to go and do research and keep things under control.

Before the funds need a more systematic attention to our health. What protects against stroke the most is good blood pressure, it must be measured systematically. If treatment is prescribed, it should be taken regularly.

Certainly the Bulgarian population is not yet familiar with the early symptoms. But we are not used to taking personal responsibility for our health. Along with the coronavirus epidemic, this is becoming very clear.

Stroke means brain death, the death of a part of our brain. Every stroke causes the death of a part of the brain, and this must be absolutely clear. The blood circulation to the brain stops, some of the blood vessels become blocked or a blood vessel ruptures, a cerebral hemorrhage, as a result of which part of the brain dies.

For the first two to three to four hours, treatment can be given that almost minimizes the effects of brain death or even completely cures the person. We are extremely dependent on time."


First signs

"There are three signs: a sudden distortion of the person's face against you, a sudden loss of strength in the left or right hand, and a sudden speech disorder.

Usually people who have a stroke do not immediately feel this problem or their ability to react is extremely difficult. What the relatives have to do in case of suspicion of a stroke is to take the victim to a hospital. The total time from the onset of the stroke to the opportunity to start treatment is four hours.

Every hospital where a person is taken, even the most prepared one, needs from half an hour to an hour to be able to organize the treatment. In reality, people have about three hours. "


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