The Situation with COVID-19 in Serbia is Worrying

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The situation in Serbia is worrying: nowhere else in Europe are there so many newly infected with coronavirus. Hospitals are overcrowded, lacking equipment and doctors. That is why a medic is suing the Prime Minister: accusing her of inaction.

The glass of patience has overflowed: DoctorSlobodan Marinkovic has filed a complaint with Serbian prosecutors against Prime Minister Ana Bernabic. The medical professor accuses her of inaction. And in particular for the fact that Serbia has turned from an excellent in vaccination into a double.

According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, there is currently no other country in Europe with as many new infections per capita as in Serbia. The publication reports that in recent weeks the number was over 7,000 per day, and every third test for Kovid-19 was positive. But the real number of new infections in the country of seven million is probably even higher.


There is not enough equipment, there is a lack of doctors

The author of the article, Florian Hassel, quoted doctors from the “United Against Covid-19“ association as saying that hospitals were overcrowded, that there were not enough intubation devices, and that patients were waiting in front of hospital buildings all night to be accommodated. The lack of doctors and medical staff is also a serious problem - so much so that gynecologists, psychiatrists or support staff had to work in the wards for Kovid-19. According to Slobodan Marinkovic, the Serbian government's inaction has "endangered the health and lives of hundreds of thousands of Serbs".

The Süddeutsche Zeitung recalls that at the start of the 2020 pandemic, Serbia declared an extremely strict lockdown - people were only allowed to go to the nearest supermarket, and police and the military monitored whether the evening hours were observed. "But initially the successes have evaporated," the paper said, explaining that only 42% of the population had received at least the first dose of vaccines, and 40% had been fully vaccinated. "Currently, even shopping vouchers and cash bonuses cannot get people vaccinated," the author writes.

In Serbia, like other Balkan countries, there is widespread distrust of the authorities. In addition, people there widely trust all sorts of natural remedies and miraculous remedies - such beliefs are widespread even among the medical community. A Belgrade scientist told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that his colleague was firmly against vaccines - he was convinced that if he put a clove of garlic in his nostrils, he would not get infected. Recently, however, the man died of Covid-19.

Serbian doctors warn that the situation could worsen. And the “United Against Covid-19” Medical Association insists that strict restrictions be imposed in Serbia for at least four weeks - closing shops, shopping malls, restaurants, cultural and sports halls, and schools.


Politicians and unpopular measures

However, the medics' advice has been ignored for months, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported, quoting Belgrade doctor Predrag Kon as saying on September 29 that he was very unhappy with the fact that the Kovid-19 Crisis Staff had not met for more than two weeks. Prime Minister Anna Bernabic admits the situation is "catastrophic", but said in early October that she did not believe in restrictive measures, only vaccines.

For now, however, the government is refusing to impose the mandatory vaccination requested by the medics, or at least the mandatory vaccination of all civil servants. According to the German edition, the most probable reason for this is that President Alexander Vucic, who actually makes all the decisions for governing the country, does not want to jeopardize his re-election in April next year by introducing unpopular measures.


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