Bulgaria: Everyone Love Slavi Now, But What He Is Up To?

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When the wheel of post-election roulette stopped spinning instead of a fragmented and impossible-to-assemble cabinet, the second week after the vote strted with a dangerously clean horizon. For the first time in the new history of our National Assembly, a possible government can be supported by absolutely all parliamentary groups. Yet against the backdrop of rare antagonism - not only between the new and old parties, but also inside the ranks of both camps. However, they sayit is the quietest on the front before the attack.

Everyone love Slavi Trifonov!

How and why does this arrangement of forces became possible without any formal consultation between the contenders for power?

Borissov has set the beginning

Boyko Borissov made his first move in the parliamentary game of chess. Albeit by offering support of 10 GERB MPs. This  symbolic blessing from GERB managed to kick the ball into the field of Slavi Trifonov. Thus, from the most comfortable position under the circumstances, the Prime Minister will observe safely how any wrong decision during the stormy political weather around the new cabinet will repair his image damaged during the protests.

The embrace of MRF

Mustafa Karadayi‘s willingness to support a cabinet of the new parties, but without participation, brought back the memory of the poisonous embrace of MRF - the one they do not want to give, but cannot do without. In what position does it put Slavi Trifonov? The answer came with the first blood shedin the ranks of "Stand up! Mafiosi out!" the day before it was announced.

In captivity of the leader

Readiness for support from BSP seems entirely conditioned by the degenerative processes in the reds’ ranks. Even before the elections, Korneliya Ninova was placed in isolation by the new opposition forces, with Slavi Trifonov himself announcing that he saw BSP on the other side of the barricade. However, Ninova is now looking for a winning card to shift the blame for the biggest electoral collapse in the history of the Socialist party. The answer came from one of her loyal comrades, Krum Zarkov. He warned against support for Trifonov, calling on the fellow party members to show dignity.

"Democratic Bulgaria" - a half-hearted kiss

From the words of the Co-Chair of the DSB Atanas Atanasov, it became clear that they were ready to participate in a government supported by BSP and MRF, but not composed with a mandate of either party, and Vladislav Panev of the Greens specified that it all depends on the policies of the future cabinet. However, the strongman , Hristo Ivanov from "Yes, Bulgaria", remained silent, and at last announced that he was "highly skeptical" of an option proposed by "There is such a people", and added that "we are most likely moving towards a new parliamentary vote".

"Stand up! Mafiosi out!" - for Borissov's skin!

The members of "Stand up! Mafiosi out!" repeatedly said they were willing to do anything to foil "Borissov-4" cabinet and support the government of Slavi Trifonov as a natural tool for achieving their goal. However, the mere mention of ministerial seats and support from BSP and MRF was enough to show how different everything becomes when the cards are on the table. What coalition leaders remain united about is that a new vote can only make sense after revising current electoral legislation.

Even the blind can see that the path of the possible cabinet "Trifonov" may be paved with good intentions, but traps are set along it. GERB needs a minesweeper, MRF - a new breeding ground, the BSP – others‘ glory, the DB - an ally who will be defeated in new elections, and "Stand up! Mafiosi out!" - a tool for the removal of Boyko Borissov.

The new week begins with various options proposed to Slavi Trifonov by political scientists and analysts - forming a cabinet from the members of "There is such a people", a government with new non-partisan young people from abroad with prestigious university diplomas, minority government, representatives of other opposition forces and hence shared responsibility.

The return of the mandate will leave the hot potato in the hands of President Radev, who will have to maneuver  between the hostile sentiments of the BSP leadership, the need for a red electorate for his possible second term and the responsibility for setting the date of new elections at any time.

But do we know what the enigma Slavi Trifonov is seeking?

Maneuvers on the way to a parliamentary majority for politician Trifonov or a political lobby for businessman Trifonov? Bread and spectacles for showman Trifonov or the great revenge of the revanchist Trifonov? A combination of elements or all together?

Without the answer to these questions, each analysis is based on simple assumptions. Same thing some call fortune telling.



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