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There are different kinds of travellers all over the globe, who seek out adventure that tickles their fancy and of course suits their budget. Good news here is, Bulgaria is massively flexible and suitable for all the travellers out there. Be it you are a solo wanderer, one half of a couple looking to have a romantic getaway with your lover, and even large groups such as families can really enjoy what Bulgaria has to offer. It is after all one of the most desirable spots to visit within Europe. The country is diverse and has everything from beautiful coastline, mountainous terrain and a bouncing city life. What is life, if it is not to seize adventure by the reins and navigate according to your thirst for adventure seeking? 

While we understand currently we all face difficult times with travel restrictions, and the raging effects of the pandemic, it may not be possible just yet to zoom off to the region. But hold on a second, this is just gearing you up to prepare and too look forward to the approaching future with no restrictions! Until then, you should find entertainment elsewhere, and explore Slingo slots. What are Slingo slots you ask? Slingo slots are engaging and versatile slot machines which guarantee will be a lot of fun for the now leading up to a quarantine life. Now, moving on to the dreaming aspects of the future, check out and see what we propose for your next vacation to Bulgaria!

Ancient Nessebar

If you are an explorer to the core, you will never pass up the opportunity to seek and learn on your vacation, wherever it is, right? Bulgaria has a rich heritage and culture, often overlooked for its beauty and remnants of the past. Nessebar is the old city settlement which stood and engaged civilization from the 4th century, up until the 18th century. Greek Thracian by nature, it is an iconic point for budding historians. The very concept of money, minted coinage and trade evolved here, being so close to the Black Sea. It changed the world, and most people do not actually know it. It was not until the year 1956 that Bulgaria declared the city a town of history and preservation, but nevertheless it finally got the recognition it deserves. 

The best things you can do here is walk at your own pace and cover the city tracks by foot, so you do not miss any corner or alley. Sure, have your camera at the ready but do not forget to live it and experience the moment. You are walking in a place which previously was a centre and the voice of merchants in the past, mull it over with a sip of wine perhaps, and indulge in the local delicacies that are served within the cobbled restaurants of the town. Word on the street says that the seafood within Nessebar is definitely a specialty and something that tourists need to try out for themselves. 


Bourgas is one of the largest cities near the coastline of the Black Sea. While many tourists are up for scuba diving along the coast of Bourgas, this location in particular is relatively a non-diving area. Its neighbouring cities however up north and further down south do cater to diving, so it will be just a drive away. Yet, Bourgas is a spot for sanctuary relaxing, a moment to soak up the good life, far from chaos and responsibilities. The beaches are perfect in summer, and due to the relatively lower popularity city-wise, you will find that the location offers you isolated beaches that practically feel all to yourself for that very reason! 

This city is very low-budget appropriate, due to the fact it is a non-diving coastline, yet one thing we would suggest is, if you have access to reasonable accommodation, you could make this city your temporary residence and travel north and south from it. It will most definitely save you a lot of cash and be very efficient for you therefore! If the beach is not a place you are considering visiting, there are also lakes where birds fly too and remain there. So again, there you have an alternative to feed the hungry traveller in you. Did we mention that Nessebar is not far from Bourgas either? You could totally make this destination your commuter hotspot.

Balkan Caves

So, guaranteed there are travellers out here that are deep into their National Geographic, meaning when they travel, they truly relish in the opportunity to explore all aspects of history, culture and scientific exploration. The Balkan region is rich in geological destinations. The caves within Bulgaria are beautiful, and while there are not many open to the public for safety reasons, there are a couple that you will be able to seek out. Magura Cave, Bacho Kiro Cave amongst others, are the ones that attract tourists for their Karst rock terrains. This rock is moulds and erodes down to form the most beautiful passageways. The ones that are open for the public, are ones that have been explored greatly and for that reason will be safe and secure for you to venture out in groups, couples and of course, alone.

Botanical Gardens of Balchik

Who does not love a view surrounded by nature and flowers? The Balchik Gardens are exactly overlooking the coast of the Black Sea, meaning the hues of blue you overlook from the garden palace peak, is breath taking. Tourists have rated this area as one of the top areas to visit, if you are looking for serenity during your day trips across Bulgaria. There is also a waterfall that you can view within the palace, which has perfect seating areas if you happen to paint, draw or want to read. It is certainly heaven on earth here.

While there is not any food on site, if you venture outside of the gardens, you will be able to find restaurants, cafes, bars and of course shops that you can buy souvenirs from to take home with you. Sentiments from any travels are worth diamonds in the eyes of an adventurer any day.

Bansko Skiing 

Say what? You can go skiing in Bulgaria? Of course, you can! It actually gains a lot of attraction for the resort that is open to enthusiasts all over the world. In winter, this destination racks up thousands of visitors each and every year and it is super accessible, as you can make your way up to the Bansko resort from the Banskotown at the foot of the Pirin Mountain. Not only will you enjoy skiing services, there are hotels there that are the essence of luxury too, and they can be quite affordable too, with the different varieties that are located there. If you are more of a spa and self-care advocate, there are many spas that are open within the hotels dotted about in the Bansko town. However, if you are the life of the party and enjoy interaction and social circles, the Apres-ski festival should be right up your street. Whatever you select, just sit back and enjoy, you most definitely have earned it!

Rila Lakes

Not sure what your opinion is on hiking, yet if it is something you will consider, there are many options for you to select. The Seven Rila Lakes Hike is orientated within the Rila region. There you will probably hike for around 7 hours, there and back, meaning make sure you have your snacks, your jacket, your liquids-as you will most definitely need it! Elevation-wise it is pretty high and you will be able to overlook the entire region of Balkans from the very peak. The trails are relatively easy and found, with signs and directions for tourists, meaning you would not need to hire any guide whatsoever, unless of course you will feel safer and more comfortable in doing so. The choice is up to you. All it takes is a chairlift to the top from Pionerska, and you are free to see lakes like the Teardrop, The Kidney, Fish Lake and so-on. Have your camera at the ready, as it will most definitely blow your mind completely.

Bulgarian Castles 

The last thing you must see within Bulgaria, is all the castles that are within the region. Bulgaria is rich in history as you know. There is Greek, Persian, Roman and Byzantine history, which all subsequently have left their beautiful mark over the country. Bulgaria has hosted so many wars through the course of history, so there is something rather superior about being within a fortress of Bulgaria, and reminiscing times of old and conquests. The top castles to visit of the region include the Tsarevets Castle, Shumen Fortress and of course the fortress of Nessebar, with its Greek influences. The fortresses with Byzantine influence have chapels which showcase Byzantine art on the ceilings and walls. They have a very distinguishing feature about them. If you have ever been to Turkey, you will recognise the artistic trademark of the Byzantine empire. 

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