On 6 December Bulgarians Celebrate Epiphany, Yordanovden

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Today, 5 January is the Epiphany's Eve. It is believed that the night before the holiday itself has a strong magical charge and if you wish for something this night you will for sure receive it.

The holiday is associated with the faith in the magical and healing powers of water, its ability to “remember” and the people’s reverence for water’s life-giving properties.

According to popular beliefs, when darkness falls on 5 December, you should pour some water in a cattle or a small pot (the vessel should not be plastic) and the water outside, to the yard, terrace or just to a window sill. Hold the vessel in your hands tightly and keep very quiet for a while, let the water feel you. Greet it, tell it your name to make friends. Stay so for some time with water in hands and go back home. Let the water remain outdoors, “under the sky” for several hours, to turn “silent” and become purified. Before midnight go back to your vessel again. Grasp it in your hands and get connected with your water. Now think of your greatest wish. When you are sure this is it, say it aloud. Keep quiet again and stay there with your water in hands. Try to “see” your dream reflected in it and again say aloud“no sooner said than done”, the old and powerful magic formula.

Then cover the water with a clean white towel and go home. The next morning - January 6, after you wake up, first go to your water. Wash your eyes with it, you can also sip it, you can water a flower and sprinkle your home. Don't forget to thank the water! It's called “silent” water, and it will carry the energy of your desire, the people believe.

Epiphany is also Yordanovden, one of the biggest Bulgarian holidays. On this day, John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan River. Yordanovden is considered the last day of the so-called "impure days" period.   



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