Top Astrologists: What Stars Say about 2021

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Two in one. In a nutshell this is the characteristic of the period in which we live, according to the best political astrologers in the world. Ukrainian Konstantin Daragan and Russian with German passport Pavel Globa, who have proven themselves over the years with some of their most accurate predictions, have already published their forecasts for 2021. They both expect it not to be particularly different from her outgoing one.

"No one should relax because the new year will be an extension of 2020. The processes which started in 2020 will have their development in the next year," Globa says. He, like Daragon, expects the next 12 months to be still overwhelmed by news mainly from America, where the rift between globalists and conservatives will deepen further and have devastating consequences for this country, not just politically but economically too.

And this is very likely to lead to a global financial crisis. Moreover, a continuation of the crises lies ahead in Belarus, whose President Alexander Lukashenko is likely to step down from power, and in Armenia, where Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will confont with increasing popular discontent because of the capitulation in the war with Azerbaijan.

Both the outgoing 2020 and the coming 2021 have immediate effect on all those states which took their rise in 1991. These are the republics of the former Soviet Union and three of the former Yugoslavia - Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia.

  "Since they were founded at approximately the same time, their horoscopes are almost the same. All of them, each in its own way, have yet to pass a test for maturity, sustainability and viability. None will get away without specific events that will make them draw conclusions from their hitherto existence.

No later than 2024 History will grade them on the basis of these "tests". And that's when some of them won't pass the test and find themselves unprepared for the future," says Daragan.

The Ukrainian has been maintaining his own blog for more than ten years, where he publishes annual and thematic forecasts. Every six months, he takes a self-account of what happened. Several times a year he also turns up on Instagram live.

In April 2018, Daragan published his prophetic article "The Border of Capricorn", in which he predicted that between 2019 and 2021 the world would witness the de facto collapse of the Anglo-Saxon globalist project. And that will lead to a massive global crisis, the center and source of which will be America.

The Bulgarian translation was complemented by another prophetic forecast published by Daragan on November 26, 2019, in which describing the new viral diseases that will befall humanity, he adds: "I dare to assume that we are about to witness the respiratory masks coming into fashion."

At that time, even in Wuhan, they still did not know what horror they were about to live through. Daragan can proudly say that he has done well in his predictions. Except that masks are a daily life for all of us, today no one is agitating for globalism anymore. On the contrary– the main representatives of globalism, headed by its key structures – the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization – call for zeroing and restart of the economy.

Pavel Globa, on the other hand, prefers YouTube more. In addition to general forecasts for each year, he also makes thematic videos dedicated to specific events, which he posts on his channel. As early as 2016, the Russian warned that 2020 would become a turning point for mankind. His expectation at the time was that it would launch a new political establishment in the world. On October 31, 2020, Globa also described how the upcoming elections in America will take place and what their consequences will be.


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