Bulgarian Prof. Ivo Petrov: Ivermectin Plays The Role of A Live Vaccine

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Bulgarian cardiologist Prof. Ivo Petrov is on the opinion that thanks to vaccines, billions of people will be saved.

  He was adamant that the benefits of vaccines are by far more important the risks. According to the professor, doctors should be vaccinated because that would be responsible behavior.

 "The total number of people cured and those who have received some immunity plus those who have been vaccinated will break the chain of infection," the cardiologist added.

 He is convinced that no regulatory body will allow people to get a vaccine that endangers their health and lives. Prof.

Petrov also commented on the medications used in the treatment of COVID-19.

He stressed that prophylactic drug use carries risks. Several drugs with declared antiviral action help - among them are Remdesevir and Ivermectin. Already known drugs, applied at the right time, help against the coronavirus.

 However, there is still no exact protocol, "said the cardiologist.

 "From the twenty or so studies of the action of Ivermectin in COVID-19, its effect has been definitely proven. The results have been published and are well known. But I want the data from the Bulgarian study to come out, hoprfully in the coming days. The fact is that Ivermectin is registered and used in many countries around the world - Israel, USA, Argentina, Brazil, India, Peru, Colombia, a total of over 30 countries.

 And the “compassionate” model of its use used in Bulgaria is most likely applied in many other countries.

Ultimately, this is a well-known drug that receives a new indication - the treatment of COVID-19.The advantage of such well-known drugs is their extremely good safety profile. These drugs which are effective in similar diseases are assigned.

  Prof. Petrov explained that the drug is used also before the disease itself, in the early, middle and late stages, but the strongest effect of Ivermectin in the beginning, in the first few days while the replication of the virus in the cells continues. (while the virus is multiplying).

 "In practice, this drug blocks the replication of the virus because it prevents the virus from entering the cell. It does so in a non-specific way: the drug blocks an enzyme - importin alpha beta, which is used in the cells to inject the virus into themselves.

The genetic information received from viruses has driven the human evolution. The cells themselves introduce this “Trojan horse.”

 Due to the blocking of the importin alpha beta-enzyme, the virus cannot penetrate our cells and multiply. It circulates for some time in the blood, thus playing the role of a live vaccine, "said Imo Petrov. According to him, in the past difficult year, everyone, including medics, has learned a lot.

 "We are going through a catharsis. And despite the many negatives, we will come out stronger, especially in terms of science and knowledge, "concluded the professor.

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