Protests in Bulgaria, Day 64: Thousands Gathered for the Second Great People's Uprising

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For the 64th time, protesters gathered in front of the former Party House demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Borissov and the Prosecutor General.

"He (PM Boyko Borissov) and his reflection will always remain blind to the huge devastation in which GERB will leave Bulgaria and to the huge moral ruin, because the real legacy of GERB looks like this - the idea of ​​Bulgaria as a disoriented country, Bulgarians - confused people , economic migrants fleeing their country, huge social differences that kill all values ​​and hopes, nature-beaten by concrete and rubbish, said journalist Svetla Petrova from the protest scene.
Last place in all rankings for prosperity and progress and first place in corruption and poverty. A huge theft of EU funds, this is the real legacy of GERB, "Petrova added.

With the European money, the Bulgarian mafia has strengthened in the last 10 years, Petrova stressed.

"This square brings freedom to Bulgaria. We could not happen to trade unions. Those who fill the treasury wrote a declaration against those who empty the treasury," Arman Babikyan said.

Financier Julian Voinov said:
"The man who was a partner with the greatest goons of the transition called his own people goons."

Хиляди свободни българи!

Публикувахте от Отровното трио в Четвъртък, 10 септември 2020 г.

Since the morning, many citizens have gathered for the "Second Great People's Uprising", chanting "Resignation", "Mutri out (Goons out)", "Borisov - disgrace, resignation and imprisonment". A sign is hung on a pole in front of the Council of Ministers, which reads: "64 days only deafening by the Prime Minister."

Police and gendarmerie were in line around the building of the former Party House, now the National Assembly, guarding parliament, and the plenary session began at 9:00 a.m. The protesters briefly followed the work of the parliament, broadcasting sound from the live session.

Dissatisfied citizens again fired eggs at the parliament building. The 50-meter tricolor from the Union was also brought in front of the Council of Ministers building. The Bulgarian flag was lit by the protesting father Dionysius.

According to the Ministry of Interior, in the area around Nezavisimost Square, many hidden objects were found, among them - bottles and a 5-liter tube with liquid.

Before noon, five men and a woman were detained and taken to the First Regional Police Department in Sofia. A search of one of them, a 39-year-old man, found two water pistols and pepper spray. After numerous signals were received yesterday that the containers of the water pistols could be filled with potentially dangerous liquids, it was decided not to allow them to be brought into the protest area. A gas mask and a knife were seized from a 24-year-old man, and a knife from a 41-year-old woman's bag.

The protest was peaceful throughout the day.

There were no people trying to create unnecessary tension and provocations. Around noon, music announced the triangle of power.


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