Bulgarians Celebrate Christmas Day

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On December 25 we celebrate Christmas, also known as Nativity of Jesus, Bozhik or Bozhich. This is one of the greatest church holidays in the Christian world.

Today's name day celebrates everyone who bears the names -

Emil, Itso, Icho, Mladen, Radomir, Radomira, Radoslav, Radoslava, Radostin, Radostina, Christalina, Hristo, Christine, Christina, Christopher, Christine, Christina, Christian, Kristiana.

Christmas is homecoming ... Christmas is tasty ... Christmas is waiting ... Christmas is the smell of oranges ...

The holiday begins in the first hours of December 25th.

It is a sequel to Christmas Eve. On it the Christians celebrate the birth of the Son of God Jesus Christ.

According to the Gospel, Christ is born in a cave in the town of Bethlehem, in the province of Judea. At the moment of the birth in the sky, an unusual light flashes, and the angel proclaims that the Savior has come to the world. Bethlehem shepherds are the first people to worship God-Son. There are three Eastern kings who have been brought to the place by the star above the sky. Following the customs of time, the kings give gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Nativity of Christ is one of the 20 church holidays in Bulgaria.

It is connected with family gifts, as well as gifts from Santa Claus and other mythical characters. On Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. According to most historians, the first celebration of the Nativity took place in Rome in 336 AD.

The name Christmas comes from the Roman calendar Kalendi,

dedicated to the winter solstice (from the word "calendar"). Until the 4th century in the Calendar of the Orthodox Church there is no celebration dedicated to the birth of Christ. The resurrection and his return to heaven and his baptism are celebrated. The separation of the two festivals took place only in the IV-V c. Under the influence of ancient pagan beliefs.

It was in the days between 17 and 23 December that the representatives of the old faith in Rome celebrated the god Saturn, and on December 25 the Romans celebrated the sun and his victory over the darkness.

The calendar rituals of the Slavs are related to the beginning of the year, with the solar circle in December. With the ever wider spread of Christian religion, the birth of the solar God was linked to the symbolic name-definition given to Christ as "the sun of righteousness."

The folk tradition is related to the custom of Christmas.

The main participants are pre-married boys. Their preparation starts at Ignazhden. Then they study the Christmas songs, create the Koleradic groups, determine the leader of the group who is older and married.

Dressed festive collectors are worn with wrist caps, and in their hands they carry "stripes". The time for Christmas is strictly determined by the tradition - from midnight to sunrise at Christmas. In the folk visions, then, karakonjoli, vampires, gholas, etc. appeared. supernatural beings. Koledars with their songs have the power to drive them away.

Christmas is traditionally celebrated in our country for three days.

Christmas celebrations include Stefanovden, which is on December 27th. The feast is dedicated to the martyr of the Christian church Archdeacon Stefan. 

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