Is the Convenience of Technology the Route to a Healthier Future?

Health | August 30, 2019, Friday // 13:29|  views

There can be no doubts that in the last few years, there has been a heightened focus on ensuring the prosperity of a healthier society. In every contemporary market, there are many varying health concerns associated with every culture across the globe. However, advancements made within modern technology have resulted in several products entering the market that are designed to bring an element of convenience to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As a result of that fact, we’re going to look at some of the existing options that are available on the market within the health industry and consider whether they have the potential to create a healthier future. Moreover, along with that, we shall also consider how convenience has been instrumental in other industries looking set to enjoy a healthier, more profitable future.

What products are available?


Celiac disease is a common digestive condition that can be caused by having an adverse reaction to gluten, along with several other different ingredients. According to the NHS, approximately one in every 100 people suffer from the condition with the UK, and because of that, gluten detection is arguably more important than ever before. Nima, a product designed in San Francisco, is the world’s first portable gluten detector. The pocket-sized device combines test capsules with a mobile app before notifying you of whether there are any gluten-based products in your meal. Additionally, and rather importantly, with gluten intolerance being so common, the device could ultimately be a lifesaver.

Black Box VR

It’s no secret that virtual reality is slowly being introduced into many industries, and the health sector is no different. For many, finding the time to travel to the gym is tricky, but following the introduction of Black Box VR, which was founded back in 2016, users can now work out in augmented reality from their home. The device seeks to combine the widespread love of gaming with the chore of working out through an immersive experience that is optimised through artificial intelligence and real-time resistance variability.

Could convenience be the answer?

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Outside of the health industry, developments within the technology sector suggest that convenience could play a significant part in society’s future. The growth of smartphones, for example, has taken portability to a whole new level. With apps that support tasks including banking, fitness and much more, consumers no longer need to take time out of their busy lives to do mundane chores.

Furthermore, while the Black Box VR has already looked to the gaming industry for inspiration, the online casino market points towards convenience as being a real necessity. At platforms such as Mr Green, users are able to enjoy traditional casino games, such as blackjack, in several different forms. The award-winning casino’s focus on creating a user-friendly experience allows for prospective gamers to play either online or live versions of the popular game, as opposed to merely offering just one possibility.

The potential for a healthier future

While there are no guarantees regarding any possible route to a healthier future, there’s nothing to stop it being achieved. Although it is difficult to predict whether convenience-focussed devices will result in a more prosperous future for society, other market successes suggest that it could be a real possibility.