Distribution of Over BGN 620 Thousand Worth of Pensions in Bulgaria is Temporarily Suspended

Domestic | August 23, 2019, Friday // 21:46|  views

Over half a million BGN pensions are "suspended". According to the National Social Security Institute, the pensions of 4794 pensioners for over BGN 620 thousand were closed due to unpaid electricity, water, and heating bills, debts to tax or banks, NOVA reported.

Pensions are the highest in Sofia, with Pernik second in terms of senior debtors. The debtors in Plovdiv follow.

Pension restraint is used by about 1.8 million people.

By law, earnings below the minimum wage cannot be seized. And the minimum wage is BGN 560, ie. if a pensioner receives BGN 561, they are enforced by a private agent, they will be held up to BGN 185. Nearly 5,000 men and women in the country have their pensions suspended.

"The pension up to the minimum wage, ie up to 560 leva is currently absolutely protected by the law, ie it cannot be subjected to a stop and no deductions can be made," explained Krasimira Atanasova, head of the Legal Services Department at the NSSI.

But there is an exception. There is no forgiveness for those retirees who have to pay maintenance. However, if you take a double minimum wage, 1/3 of it may be suspended.

"Then, when the amount of the pension is from two times to four times the minimum wage, 1/2 part cannot be reached," explained Krasimira Atanasova.

The suspension of the pension is only lifted when the debt is paid.