Do Buildings in Cities Have Lightning Protection?

Society | June 18, 2019, Tuesday // 11:01|  views

After the tragic incident, in which a lightning killed a man, the question, if the buildings in cities have lightning protection arises. The incident occurred between the blocks in the bc. "Lyulin." The man walked his dog.

"We can not rely on neighboring buildings to protect us from a thunderstorm. We have to be indoors. None of the buildings near the accident area have any lightning protection. Most likely, when the block was built, there was one. Over the years, however, repairs have been done and some of these lightning protection systems have been destroyed," said Radoslav Kalchev, expert on lightning protection on" Hello Bulgaria ".

He added that during a thunderstorm it is important to stay away from trees and pillars.
"We mustn't open an umbrella. The legs must be gathered because lightning spreads over the ground. We have to hide as quickly as possible," Radoslav Kalchev said.


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