IT Professionals Remain the Highest-Paid Workers in 2018

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Students who graduate in computer science and informatics remain the highest-paid workers in the country, a reporter at BGNews reported. The average salary in the sector is about 2400 leva. The lowest paid professionals are students graduating in music and dance arts, who receive an average of about BGN 800, according to a BIA survey.

The trend in Bulgarian higher education changes in negative direction compared to previous years - for five years / from 2014 to 2019 / the number of newly enrolled students dropped by nearly 15%. However, the percentage of unemployed students who have their higher education diploma is also dropping.

A positive trend, however, is the gradual increase in salaries of university graduates, which exceeds the average salary for the country - BGN 1151 versus BGN 908 as of February 2019. High incomes and almost full employment are granted in technical and medical specialties. There is also an outflow of recently popular majors such as economics and administration that spilled too many cadres who often found themselves working in areas for which no higher education is needed.

Students who have diploma in Military Studies are ranked first in a percentage of employment - none of these students is unemployed. The ranking combines the instances of graduate students who work - even not in their specialty. Medics are ranking on the second place, of which only 0.16% have failed to find a job. Young people who graduated in Dentistry, Metallurgy, Music and Dance Arts, Veterinary Medicine, and Mathematics also easily manage to find a job. At the bottom of the list are the stock breeders, psychology and religion / theology specialists, who find it hard to find a job in their specialty.

The students with excellent school grades usually choose specialties such as Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry, Mathematics, Law, and Political Science are ranked behind. Students with lower or very poor grades are oriented towards professions in the fields of material science, mining, agriculture as well as mechanical engineering.

The same is the statistic, which shows the average taxable income of the graduates according to the higher education institution and the specialty - the students who obtained a degree in computer Science, Informatics, Engineering and Mathematics receive on average between BGN 3,800 and 2,430.

Outside of computer science, "Public Health" specialty has the highest paid graduates, who receive about 2 300 leva per month on average.

However, fewer prospective students are encouraged to target at technical or informatics specialties that are among the highly paid. According to the survey, this is due to the low awareness of the students before applying, but also due to the very poor preparation of these courses in the high schools.

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