Investigation of BAS: 81% of Bulgarians - Pure Materialists

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81% of Bulgarians are fully focused on the achievement of tangible goods and this is becoming a major priority for them. On the other hand, 56.9% of the people in the country wouldn't break the law for nothing in the world, even if they have material or other benefit, a reporter told BGNES.

On the opposite side, however, there are the remaining 43.1% who have clear attitudes about noncompliance, and if they weren't afraid of the consequences, would easily violate the laws. This is shown in the results of the project "Shadow Economy as a Deviant Practice" by a team from the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ISSK-BAS).

The results of the survey show that only 32% of the surveyed Bulgarians believe that the laws in the country are well written and easily applicable in practice. According to the authors of the survey, this is a sign that Bulgarian society has increased criticism of MPs as legislators and laws as legal norms. The results of this study show that most of the society already has a condition - laws will be respected if they are adequate, serve the public interest and are applicable in practice, the study shows.

Nearly 19.8% of respondents absolutely agree, and over 41% agree - to a certain extent, that if a law prevents them, they will find a way to circumvent it and achieve their goals. Almost 53% of Bulgarians believe that while there are people who are above the law, there will be no equality in society. For over 65% of the public, the shadow economy is the fastest way to make money.

The study of the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at BAS also shows that employers, and even workers, are more inclined to respect and respect the laws.Students, unemployed people, and even housewives are more likely to have more frivolous behavior and openly disregard and comply with the current legislation. Thus, in society, it is suggested that the nonobservance of laws is a natural and logical response to any possible legal and regulatory imperfection.

According to the survey, in the last years can be distinguished eight sociological types according to the behavior of the people in the Bulgarian society:

34% of those surveyed identify themselves as conformists - they succumb to the pressure of society and quickly agree with it;

6% consider themselves innovators;

4% - for people who necessarily follow certain repetitive rituals;

10% - passive in the social sense;

6% - as rebels;

16% - as exaggerated;

18% - as neutralizers;

and 6% - as particularly short-tempered.

With the exception of those who succumb to the pressure of society, the other patterns of behavior are a deviation from socially acceptable norms and moral perceptions and a tendency to breach the rules.

According to the research of the scientists, this division of the groups in society is the result of the impunity due to the violation of personal property, the models of management of public and private business processes in the country.

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