How to Build Your Passion for Sports

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The sporting world has come to encompass thousands of different sports over the years. From football to cricket; tennis to diving, people tune in every day to watch some of the world’s greatest athletes compete on an international scale. Even when it is not on television, it dominates the airwaves and many major social media channels. It is something that has been known to tear people apart, but also bring them together, whether you are an active participant or a supporter. If you are hoping to renew your love of sports or build on an existing passion, there are many ways you can do this.

  1. Get Involved

Most people have an interest in sports but have little time to dedicate to them. When you have a busy day job and a range of other personal commitments, it can be tricky to find this time. Ideally, you should combine your leisure time with building on your love of sports. For example, if you have a child who wants to take up a hobby, you can use this time to play or watch a sport together.

Sports have always been sensory and emotional for many people. While some people are content to watch games on the television, others may hold season passes to see their favourite team play at a nearby stadium. For times when sports seasons aren’t in full swing, some choose to go online to play sports-related games like a cricket logo quiz, or participate in immersive games like those on the Nintendo Wii to keep their passion burning. In many cases, people take the initiative to join a local sports team. This allows them to gain a greater understanding and respect for athletes they admire, and it can improve their camaraderie with friends.

  1. Be More Social

There are some incredible social benefits to joining a local sports team or club. However, you can go one step further and spend further time with your sports friends. Being around people with a shared passion allows you the time and space to talk about it, which you may not be able to do at home. One great way to bring your shared love of sports into something even better is to hold regular sports nights, where you can come together to watch your team play, or see a budding athlete set records for their hometown.

You could also:

  • Start your own group for like-minded individuals

  • Join groups and sports teams

  • Host parties for your teammates

  • Engage in fantasy sports teams online


  1. Listen to the Athletes and Be Inspired

Many sportsmen and women have gone on to become speakers and talk show guests, where they use their platform to encourage others to follow in their passion. There are also lots of documentaries about famous athletes of the past and present. Most newsstands will sell papers which have sporting sections, where you can read about the teams and players you love. While watching a game is fun, you should also take the time to indulge in what the athletes have to say. For many people, this helps them to form a bond with an athlete they admire, which means they will root for them more when they are next competing.


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