The Eight Bulgarian Mountaineers Remained Forever in the Himalayas

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Eight Bulgarian climbers stayed forever in the Himalayan snow embrace.

The "Snow House" is a mountain range that separates the Indo-Ganges Plain from the Tibet Plateau. It has sheltered nine of the highest peaks on the ground (out of 10), and the one with the highest altitude - Everest.

Many of the Himalayan peaks are sacred in Buddhism and Hinduism. The mountain has deeply shaped the cultures of South Asia.


The first Bulgarian mountaineer is Hristo Prodanov. In 1984 he became the first Bulgarian to conquer Everest. He was alone, without an oxygen apparatus. Prodanov climbed the peak by taking on the longest and most difficult western slope of the mountain - The Cruel Way.

This event has been stirring up people today, especially since they heart the words that the climber Radoslav from the First Bulgarian expedition repeated to Prodanov on the radio: "Do not fall asleep, you are a Bulgarian! Everything is fine, people run on you, please do not fall asleep!"

A strong emotion carries the sacrifice of his friend - alpinist Lyudmil Yankov, who joins the rescue mission to seek Hristo. He does not give up, despite the difficulties.

Later Yankov said: "He stayed forever, at the peak, fused with his dream!"

From the last words of Prodanov, transmitted on the radio, his body is supposed to be above the Great Gray Tower, at about 8,700 meters above sea level.



October 1994, Bulgarian mountaineers Yordanka Dimitrova and Borislav Dimitrov head for Kangchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world.

On the way up, Borislav is forced to return because of frost. Yordanka chooses to finish the expedition and goes on.

In 1994 climbers and rescue teams searched for her, but with no result, and years later Italian alpinists found her body.


The alpinist Hristo Stanchev from Varna took over to one of the two Himalayan eight-thousand peaks-Manaslu in 1998.

The worsening of the weather conditions led to an unsuccessful attempt by Stanchev to climb the top. As he was going down from the peak the alpinist slipped because of the ice and dived into the abyss. The next day three Bulgarian mountaineers who were in the expedition with Stanchev, who failed to help him before, found his body.

On May 24, 2004, the Bulgarian media reported the death of the youngest mountaineer in the Everest 2004 Expedition, Hristo Hristov.

Just as Prodanov, he remains forever at the foot of Everest - 8848 m.

First to reach the body head Alexander Abramov and two Sherpas. They found Christ seating, holding to the railing.

The expeditor spokesman Peter Atanassov categorically states that the mountaineer has set foot on the "Roof of the World".

Hristov was part of the journey undertaken in 2004 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first Bulgarian ascent of Everest, in which Bulgaria loses Prodanov.


In 2004, the niece of Christo Prodanov Mariana Maslarova died in the Himalayas. Two Sherpas reported that they saw her at an altitude of 8680m. After that Russians claim they have noticed her coming down to 7800m and since then no one has ever heard of her.

In 2010, the second highest in the world - K2 takes Peter Georgiev Unzhiev. The climber dies at the foot of the top, and the news about this is reported by the Romanian Diorjescu on the EverestNews site.

As an official version of his death, the media said altitude sickness. Dimarescu claimed that Unzhiev was abandoned in a helpless state by a Pakistani mountain guide.

Two days ago, the rescue mission in search of the Bulgarian mountaineer Boyan Petrov was stopped. As the woman next to him - Radoslava Nenova wrote on Facebook - the disappearance of a "solo player" made institutions, pilots, and people to overcome themselves, countries to reconcile themselves ...

This is the largest rescue action in the history of alpinism, Radoslava says. And that Boyan "made us stay all together and climb our Everest," she stresses.


From Hristo Prodanov in 1984 to Boyan Petrov in 2018, the climbers of Bulgaria, housed in the Himalayan snow cover, left the Bulgarians an example of courage, determination, the indomitable urge to reach their limits,  then and beyond. After that to look at the mountain with love and hoping to return, though you know it may be the last one.

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