Why you should Choose a Tent Instead of a Hotel?

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When you plan your next trip, you prepare a route, select the sights you want to see and ... you always get to the point where you have to choose an accommodation. You have to stay somewhere and rest after the long walks. Yes, but how many times you have been in a place that meets your expectations for a relaxing holiday?

How many times have you got the freedom for which you left your gray everyday life? How many times have you had to deal with unobtrusive guests at the hotel? You do not need to answer us because we have also come to your conclusion.

What if your next trip includes staying in a tent? It will surely be more economical, more spacious and you can spend the night whereever you like.

For those who didn't jump immediately for joy when they read our previous question, we have selected 10 reasons why the tent is a better choice than a hotel. Others can continue reading down and nodding affirmatively.

1. We get to decide what the price of the accommodation will be! Whatever we are talking about, the budget largely determines where, how and how much we will travel, so take your tent and make sure you have a cash to travel for at least a few days longer than if you stay at a hotel!

2. Relaxation! That's why we've escaped from the office, the city, the familiar irritants. If we had to take into account noisy guests and claims - well, let's not go anywhere. However, there is no one in the tent to disturb us.

3. No reservations! Before we go on a longer journey, we usually start looking for a hotel that has a convenient location, we search for a hotel that is not too expensive for us and there are free rooms. Sometimes this research turns out to be a long and tiresome one. If we are traveling during holidays or the peak tourist season, the situation becomes even more complicated. So just take the tent under your shoulder and go wherever you choose!

4. The best view! Often hotels have several rooms with wonderful sea / mountain views. In most cases, they are either overcharged or busy or somehow not available to us. Well, with the tent we will not have such a problem. We can choose the view that we would love to see when we go to sleep or wake up. Every day this view can be different!

5. Mobility! This is one of the most important qualities for people who want to see a lot of things for little time. Travel long distances, experience everything you want. Do not worry about missing your reservation because you can spend the night with your tent where and when you decide.

6. Privacy! We do not need to talk to unpleasant staff or someone who accepts the duty to serve us as the biggest burden the world has ever seen. If we need less social contacts after a busy working week the decision is - a tent!

7. Space! Even the smallest tent goes with an unlimited yard - a forest, a meadow, a river, a lake - whatever we like. And the coolest thing is that we do not have to pay for those extras!

8. Romance! Dinner by the fire prepared by us will be more personal and cozy than the tables full of food in the hotel restaurant! Let's show some creativity and attitude. Besides, there is no one who does not want to get in a "room" with billions of stars.

9. We have our own schedule! Luckily, the tent will not mind if we "get in" before 14:00 and will not ask us to release it until 12:00.

10. More hygienic! Don't you believe it? Well we can think for a second how many people have stayed in the hotel room before us, using the blankets, towels ... In the tent we are the first and only users of our blankets unless we decide to share it with someone else.


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