The Simpsons Predict the Future Better Than a Witch (Gallery)

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This week Disney bought a large portion of Fox's assets in a $ 52 billion deal. The deal, which will most likely change the look of Hollywood, is predicted by the animated Simpsons.

The "prophecy" for the contract between the two corporations dates from the far-off 1998:

What is more, the  crazy family, whose first episode was broadcast on December 17, 1989, turned out to be a prophet of many events.

Perhaps it's not so marvelous that creator Matt Groening and his team go out over and over again - the show has been on a 28-year screen and keeps the record for the most animated series.

These are over 600 episodes of so-called adult animation filled with political and social satire. They are Homer Simpson, a beer lover who works at Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant, his wife Marge, the stereotype of a housewife sitting at home. The children are the hooligan Barth, the accountable and socially responsible Lisa and the baby Maggie, who hardly talk.

At first sight confused, the family managed to function and entertain the audience for 29 seasons, and, as it turns out, to know the future.

In the gallery you will see a few cases in which Simpsons, or as they would say here - the Simpsons - were more straight than Nostradamus.

Inventing the iPod

In one of the episodes of the series, the hi-tech intercom looks exactly the same way it looks like the first generation of iPod players. The episode dates back to 1996, and the first iPod was introduced to the audience in 2001 - five years later.

Google takes over the world

In this futuristic episode, Lisa is already big and at one point admits Google has captured more than half the world, yet it's a "damn good search engine." The site may not have officially conquered the world, but in light of all the inventions of the technology giant, it apparently does its best to settle for life as much as possible.

The discovery of the Higgs boson

The existence of the Higgs boson or the so-called "God Particle" was not confirmed by 2012. Here, however, the action developed in 1998 when Homer decided to become an inventor. We see him standing in front of a blackboard with equations and a graphic that is obviously inspired by his favorite donuts. If you decide the equation (miraculously), you will get the approximate mass of the Higgs boson. An equation painted 14 years before the discovery of the "particle of God."

Scandals with espionage by security services

When the family is forced to run, because the US Environmental Protection Agency closes Springfield with a huge dome, the security services managed to find Marge and the children listening to their conversation. Interestingly, the episode is from 2007, and the mass eavesdropping scandal that Edward Snowwood first uncovered broke out in 2013.

The Ebola Epidemic

Here, Marge decides to read Bart's book called "Curious George and the Ebola Virus" (George is a monkey). This moment of the episode is pretty much shared and commented when a huge outbreak of the disease broke out in 2014. But this moment of the Simpsons is from 1997 - 17 years before the epidemic.

Greece and the credit crunch

When Homer participated as a guest, a commentator in a broadcast, the news says that Europe is selling Greece in the eBay online trading platform. It's three years before it turns out that the country can not pay its credit to the International Monetary Fund, bringing our southern neighbor into a serious financial crisis.

Donald Trump - President

On a journey into the future, broadcast back in 2000, Lisa Simpson is seated in the presidential chair in the Oval Office. Then it becomes clear that she has inherited a rather thin budget from its predecessor, Donald Trump. At that time Trump, who was elected president in 2016, did not even intend to run for office. In an interview after the choice of Trump, screenwriter Dan Greene says they have created the episode as a warning.


You most likely think of this over-annoying game for which you received invitations and notices. Well, Marge Simpson probably understands your annoyance. In this 1998 episode in Springfield, a carnival arrives and offers an incredible attraction - a simulation of farm work. Then it must have seemed like a complete absurdity in an era in which the tamagots were still in vogue.

The censorship of the statue of David

The episode dates back to 1990 and shows how Springfield residents protest against the display of David's statue in the city museum. They call the work indecent because of his nakedness. The satyr of this censorship is becoming a reality in 2016 when Russia is discussing whether to dress a copy of the sculpture displayed in the center of St. Petersburg.

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