Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water

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This conference is held in Ramada Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria from October 26-29, 2017


The latest scientific miracle - IC data replicas

Bulgaria is the home of the spring water in the world!

Bulgaria is on the path to become the healing center of Europe. The basis of this project is the fact that 45% of the mineral water in the world is on the territory of our country, although we use less than 2% of this flow. An enormous opportunity to apply the Bulgarian wealth - the mineral waters - gives IC Medical technology. Through this innovative technology, people can be treated with information copies of healing ingredients that are transmitted to the body through the water, but without the side effects.

"IC Medical technology relies on ultra-light electromagnetic radiation for all substances, objects and biological objects. The phenomenon was discovered a hundred years ago. It is known that background radiation brings information about the subject itself. What's new in this case is that it can be transmitted at any point in the globe through Internet technology and all communication links, "explains Professor Gerald Pollack.

The author of the technology for the transfer of ultrasound electromagnetic emissions of biologically active substances is the Soviet radiophysics Mark Greenstein. Despite his diminished vision, bordering on practical blindness, he worked for many years in the secret laboratories of the USSR. In 1990, he left Russia and emigrated to Israel, where he met the inventor, Dr. Shribman, who set up apparatus capable of detecting the human body's reactions to electromagnetic radiation. They create the technology for the transfer of information copies of medicinal products through electronic communications networks and in 2009 they offer it to the DST for practical application.

Scientists from all around the world are working on this technology. It brings together the Institute for Risk Research, created by Professor Pollack. The Institute finances non-standard researches of a revolutionary nature that would not get a chance in conservative science units working on the world's stiff conception.

The international scientific conference on "Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water" is held annually in Bulgaria. Over 150 scientists from 5 continents participate in this conference.

"Bulgaria is the home of the spring water," says Professor Pollack. - The concentration of thermal mineral water here is unique. This is why we are organizing our conference in a water-rich country.

How does a glass of water become an information copy of the healing remedy?

The IC Medical technology, which is already in practice, through ultra-low-emission electromagnetic radiation, creates and distributes over long distances IC data copies of existing medical ingredients.

They use ordinary computers as a communication system, and every person can accept this information as a means of treatment as well.

The user chooses from the website the ingredients they need. After downloading from the IC Technical Data Center, the information content of the selected chemical is "copied" to a normal CD that is placed in the recording device or directly on the keyboard of the computer.

Then put a glass of water on this disc and wait for 30 minutes. Once the information copy has been received, water has the same effect on the body as if we were taking the chemical compound.

The advantage is that there are no side effects and contraindications. The loaded disc can be used for about a month. Currently, the technical center of the project contains 40 data copies of active substances.

To date, more than 5,000 clinical trials have been conducted on the IC Medical project, and in more than 90% of the information copies have a positive effect, people improve their health. It is an empirical technology, and every new information copy of a drug is tested clinically before it is suggested to people to use it.

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