South Korean Ambassador: Our Relations with Bulgaria are Excellent

Diplomacy | October 3, 2017, Tuesday // 15:56|  views

The Republic of Korea is in favor of the most peaceful resolution of the crisis with North Korea as soon as possible, "Shin Boonam, Ambassador of the country commented. Prior to today's South Korea National Holiday, in a special interview with the Bulgarian National Television, he spoke about the dangerous game of Pyongyang, about relations with Bulgaria and about a long-awaited Korean event - the Olympics, which they will host in only half a year.

In recent months, the Korean Peninsula has been in the focus of world news because of the tensions caused by Pyongyang's new nuclear test and missile test. But even in this situation, the South Koreans are trying to live calmly and work as usual, says Shin Boonam, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Bulgaria.

His compatriots describe the situation with the saying - a dog that barks, does not bite, and believe that Pyongyang has no interest in a war that would lead self-destruction. And while North Korea is increasingly isolated, South Korea is opening more and more to the world. Relations with Bulgaria are excellent, says Ambassador Shin Bunam, and the volume of Korean investments in Bulgaria is about 500 million euros.

"I always say to our partners in the Bulgarian government that in order to have more foreign investments in Bulgaria, we need a better investment environment, for example, greater consistency in regulation and policies in this area, and a better environment in the sphere of the rule of law. Now the Bulgarian government is working on more infrastructure projects such as high-speed railways and highways. Korean companies have a very rich experience in this field and I hope more Korean companies will find opportunities to participate in Bulgarian infrastructure projects.", commented the ambassador. 

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