Bulgaria Said 'No' to Euroscepticism at EP Elections - President

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Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev, photo by BGNES

Bulgarians reaffirmed their pro-EU orientation President in an unambiguous manner at the European Parliament elections, according to President Rosen Plevneliev.

In a Friday statement on the EP elections on May 25, Plevneliev suggested that the results had shown yet again that national division only existed in the minds of separate political leaders.

"The newly elected MEPs received support from the citizens to work for strengthening the integration processes and for a more prominent role of Bulgaria in setting the European agenda," Plevneliev declared, as cited by the BGNES news agency.

"The people said "no" to euroscepticism and anti-EU rhetoric. The Bulgarian people said "yes" to European integration," Bulgaria's head of state noted, adding that the country was one of the very few EU Member States to not send representatives of anti-EU parties to the European Parliament.

"The assumption that European elections usually attract low turnout and that this is only normal does not work for me. Unfortunately, the political situation in the country over the past year and the quality of the debate has had a negative impact mainly on the voter turnout," Plevneliev emphasized.

He said that all of these factors made it even less understandable why the parliamentary majority had kept blocking his proposal to hold a referendum on election rules for five months.

Plevneliev suggested that the widespread use of preference voting at the May 25 elections had proved yet again that people had to express their opinion on strengthening the majority element in the next elections at a referendum.

Plevneliev cited corporate voting and vote buying as the most worrying issues.

He noted that the Constitution prevented him from commenting on the impact of the elections on the government, adding that the parties represented in Parliament had a huge responsibility and the fate of Parliament was decided by them.

He was adamant that the president's office was not the place where coalitions would be sealed and emphasized that he would not act as a political broker.

Plevneliev stressed that the ruling parties were free to draw their conclusions about what they had been told on Sunday.

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