Maxim Behar: Business Is Made by Personalities

Interview | September 5, 2012, Wednesday // 13:23|  views (Sofia News Agency) reprints an interview of Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar for Liberal Culture, an online magazine.

Liberal Culture: Mr. Behar, you have been awarded as a distinguished honoree in the "Executive of the Year" category of the International Business Awards (Stevie Awards). You were selected from among more than 3 200 entries received from individuals and organizations from more than 50 countries. This is your second Bronze Stevie Award in two consecutive years. You are known as an "action" personality. What personal quality has led you to this success?

Maxim Behar: The answer of course must be given by the jury members, not by me. What I know is that every single achievement, both in personal or business life always has its implementation to next successes.

For over 18 years in business, M3 Communications Group, Inc. has received more than 50 different awards, recognitions and prizes.

Every time that I hear about any of our successes I feel I am on the right way, and it motivates me to continue further. It is a simple formula in which just the success brings new achievements.

Liberal Culture:  The Stevie Award in the "Manager of the Year "category recognized your work as an executive of your companies. How many people work in these companies, and could you tell us more about the way you appoint new member of your team, and  which are the most important personal qualities that you admire in your associates?

Maxim Behar: As a whole, our companies employ about 100 people at the moment; all of them are young, intelligent, ambitious and highly motivated.

One of the most important things in modern management, for me at least, is the total chemistry and understanding among the teams, the managerial staff, and also all together. Very often I do imagine that we are just an orchestra and all we must play the music properly, and even write new music and play it in a very innovative and interesting way.

Liberal Culture: M3 Communications Group, Inc., based in Sofia, Bulgaria is one of the first companies in Bulgaria, founded ( as "Behar Trading") 20 years ago, working in the field of product-promotion on the market. What are your current issues?

Maxim Behar: A complete makeover of the company's priorities and corporate relations with our clients. We do emphasize a lot social media and modern communications.

The new business environment requires that we be much more proactive, much more innovative and strict with respect to our engagements to the clients.

Liberal Culture: E-commerce is a global bussiness opportunity, your site, , is modern and exhaustive! It's a pleasure to visit it! Could you give some advice to start-up businesspeople - how can they make the best start in e-commerce? Are there any secrets?

Maxim Behar: No secrets at all – just working 20 hours a day, following the new online trends and keeping the rule of the 3 "S"-es – Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence.

Liberal Culture: What are your future aims and personal plans? What is comming next, any political ambitions? You are famous as a free-minded person, how do you understand the meaning of the expression "to be liberal"?

Maxim Behar: No, I do not have political ambitious and will never have any. I find myself very comfortable and useful in the business matters I do every day.

Also, I am pretty convinced that the job I have been doing for the past 25 years is much, much more important than the one any politician does in this country.

The nice thing is that every day, with all my projects, I can take care of the image of Bulgaria abroad and among the foreign businesses in Bulgaria. This is an extremely important task and a role that I enjoy very much...

Deep inside, I trust liberal ideas and I am a big fan of business, political and intellectual freedom. But part of this freedom is having the opportunity to take the best ideas from the left and from the right, to make the best mix of the most clever approaches to one issue, or another.

That is why I do not have favorite liberal, socialist or conservative people or politicians, but I do have favorite thoughts, approaches and – especially – case studies.

Liberal Culture: How you do you assess the liberal self–perception of the Bulgarian people?

Maxim Behar: In my view, there are no deep and definite traditions in Bulgaria for the people to characterize themselves as liberals.

There are many reasons for that, most of them rooted in the recent history. On the other hand, the Bulgarian society has understanding of liberal values and my feeling is that parties or political movements with true liberal ideas may get strong influence on the political scene.

It may not happen very soon as during crisis periods it is not very expectable that liberal ideas will be popular in the economy.

Liberal Culture: What would you would wish to the Bulgarian people and to the world for the future?

Maxim Behar: Just to understand that the modern world is based on transparency, fast communications and honest business relations. No miracles will come to anyone – we all must work in a focused, dedicated, and committed fashion, and have a vision for the future. The ones with a vision will succeed.


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