Cosmetic Surgeon Veselin Dinev: Sofia’s Vita Esthetic Center Offers Modern Methods

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Dr. Dinev, why is Vita Esthetic Center the preferred center for esthetic procedures in Sofia?

Contrary to the most esthetic centers, which have limited procedures and equipment, at Vita Esthetic Center we offer all modern methods used in contemporary esthetic medicine. This gives us the opportunity to respond in the best possible and adequate way to the needs of our patients.

I believe that the key to our success are first and foremost the specialists who work at the Center. Our team is not that large, however they are all top notch professionals, and not just their diplomas, but the patients' reviews are a testimony for it. When we add to this the most modern equipment, I feel comfortable stating that the quality of the services we provide clearly distinguishes us.

Dr. Dinev, are you currently offering some new and interesting procedures? Can you elaborate on them?

We strive consistently to improve our service portfolio by creating conditions for specialists who work for us to perfect their skills and to acquire new ones.

The most current procedure we offer consists of ultrasound and electric stimulation with slimming and firming effect. A specific device, which functions as a holistic therapy and is capable to work with all its complementary functions, is used for the procedure.

Our recent observations show that too many centers at once began offering cavitation as a service. It is alarming that the majority of them are not doing a true cavitation and the reason for it is the equipment. There are very few esthetic centers such as ours that have low frequency ultrasound, giving the desired slimming and polishing effect.

Our experience in the course of the years shows that the most significant effect is achieved through the application of several different procedures at once. I will use the opportunity to announce on your website for the first time our newest packages of procedures: Vita Esthetic Body Shaping Package, Vita Esthetic Face Lifting Package, Vita Esthetic Anti-Aging Package and Vita Esthetic Anti-Acne Package. You can find more information about them on the web page of Vita Esthetic Center at

When are rejuvenating treatments most effective?

Rejuvenating treatments are most effective when they are well adapted to the patient's age and when a combination of several different therapies is used.

Many young people suffer from acne, but do not trust the new methods of treatment. What would you advise them?

For the acne problem again, the most successful method appears to be the combined approach. There are several causes of acne and we attack them all simultaneously.

Contemporary treatment methods consist of more successfully destroying the bacteria through a combination of lasers, like we do, instead of the patients taking large doses of antibiotics.

How much time is needed to achieve a satisfying effect by anti-cellulite and slimming mesotherapy?

One must know that the anti-cellulite and slimming therapy process is long and can vary between 1 and 4 months. This is individual for every person and depends on a number of factors – age, type of skin, cellulite development stage, eating habits, lifestyle etc. Cellulite is hormonally associated for women and depends on eating habits and physical regime. This necessitates maintenance of results after it has been eliminated, otherwise the cellulite reappears.

Based on your extensive experience, what is the formula of beauty?

There is no formula for beauty or if there is any, it is certainly not the same for everyone. As you know, beauty is a very relative term and each of us sees it and defines it differently. Our goal is to help people find their own path to beauty - as they see it and understand it. Therefore, our new motto is "Wake up Your Beauty!"

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