Bulgaria Has Got a Time Machine and It Works!

Editorial |Author: Ivan Dikov | February 28, 2012, Tuesday // 17:55|  views

History wasn't supposed to repeat itself and time machines weren't supposed to exist. However, Bulgaria seems to be ahead of the game in both items. In Bulgaria, history repeats itself constantly, and current events take you back in time.

One such event that happened several days ago was the gangland murder of businessman and former wrestler Yordan Harasimov, who was blown up in his car early in the morning in downtown Varna. It's like one is back in Bulgaria in 1995. Or 1998. Or 2003. Or 2005. Or 2010. (I think the last gangland murder was that of radio host Bobi Tsankov in Sofia in 2010).

There goes one more of Bulgaria's some 200 gangland murders in the past less than 20 years. And none of those cases has been resolved. According to probability theory, at least several of those were supposed to be resolved. But apparently this theory holds no truth in Bulgaria, unlike the working time machine that can get you back to any point of the recent past.

And one keeps wondering why Bulgaria's Prime Minister-policeman-karate guru-firefighter-security guard Boyko Borisov and his right hand Interior Minister Tsvetanov haven't solved any of those gangland murder cases.

Meanwhile, a group of MMA fighters beat a high school student in Bulgaria's Pazardzhik, and in Sofia Bulgarian MMA champion known as Bagata was stabbed in a brawl.

So the Bulgarian time machine works in Sofia, Varna, Pazardzhik, and all over the place. It's like Bulgaria hasn't progressed an inch since the early 1990s. No wonder, as Bulgaria's oligarchy doesn't to have enough brains to make the society evolve towards greater civility. I mean, it can still enjoy plenty of dirty games if it so wish, just steer clear of murders and explosions! And the Bulgarian society can't organize itself to achieve anything.

On the other hand, it might not be so bad that Bulgaria has a functioning time machine because it apparently has short memory.

Harasimov was blown up on Friday. It's already Tuesday-Wednesday, and the incident has been forgotten by both the society and the Bulgarian authorities. The case will be delayed, pushed around, postponed, until there is a new gangland murder to "steal focus".

By the way, that's exactly how Bulgaria has forgotten the incident in the village of Katunitsa from September 2011 – and the real problem that caused it – the Roma integration issue – and it will stay forgotten until some new horrific event.

So in order for Bulgaria to shut off this terrifying time machine it's got, it will need a bit of brains, government goodwill and collective action in order to start solving at least some of its problems.

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