If Borisov's Riot Forecasts Are Anything to Go By

Editorial |Author: Irina Samokovska | August 15, 2011, Monday // 13:24|  views

Apart from a universal inaugurator of new infrastructure, Bulgaria's Prime Minister proved to be a universal social scientist.

Recalling the protests in Bulgaria during the 1995-6 local economic crisis and drawing a parallel to the UK riots, Borisov declared that: "Bulgarians then went on strikes, made barricades and burned tyres while others were working. Now its is we who are working, while other countries burn their own cities and cause problems for themselves,".

The Prime Minister implied that Bulgarians had outgrown their rebellious sentiments to reach a new level of a labor-friendly consciousness through the pangs of hyperinflation and drastic food shortages.

One might wonder where Borisov took his cues from.

Or wonder when Borisov's unabashed smugness would blow up in his face.

UK's gangs of rioters and marauders came out of the blue to hit the streets of the capital and other major cities.

The spark was produced by allegations of police brutality, which caused hoards of people to mindlessly jump on the bandwagon and create uncontrollable mobs mesmerized by a sense of impunity and group belonging.

The August unrest in the UK was the result of a failed social policy.

The have-nots were possessed by a desperate urge to show that they could turn into haves by sheer violence.

Borisov's Bulgaria, on the other hand, is a country equally marked by conspicuous inequality.

Bulgaria is a country inhabited by the unhappiest Europeans, as indicated by Eurostat.

Bulgaria is a country plagued by rising food and energy prices, low wages, low pensions, high unemployment, rampant corruption, struggling small and medium-sized enterprises, a largely inefficient, over-bloated, yet well-paid administration, and so on and so forth.

Against the backdrop of all those domestic social woes, how did the Prime Minister manage to tap social glue that would consolidate Bulgaria into a homogenous entity?

Did he see it written in the stars? Or was it again the electoral rolls?

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