Earth Harrowed by Strongest Magnetic Storm in Years

Environment | August 6, 2011, Saturday // 18:37|  views

Image by RIA Novosti.

An especially strong geomagnetic storm has started late in the night Sunday, according to the Russian Lebedev Physics Institute.

At the start of the storm, the amplitude of deviation of the magnetic field has jumped from degree 3 to degree 9 on the 10-degree scale.

The storm has continued through Saturday, writes RIA Novosti, but has significantly abated.

According to scientists, it is planetary and can be registered anywhere on Earth. They also have added that the proportions of the event were unexpected.

A geomagnetic storm of similar proportions has last been registered on December 15, 2006.

Geomagnetic storms are cause by eruptions in the sun which send a high masses of highly charged particles off from the star, causing disruptions in the Earth's magnetic field.

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