Mr Pig - Bulgarian Growing Fat Selling Sex Slaves to Britain

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Petite Anita - priced at 5,000 (?4,500) - was lured by Nasko's gang from her village after they told her parents they could get her a cleaning job. Photo by News of the World

By Mazher Mahmood, Investigations Editor

News of the World, last edition

Fat Bulgarian vice king Atanos Nasko grins with delight after sealing a deal to smuggle sex slaves into Britain.

The swaggering crook - nicknamed The Bear by his frightened girls - is head of an international gang selling poverty-stricken teens from his homeland to UK brothels for as little as ?900 a time.

Many are told they are going to work as cleaners to make money for their families before being put on the plane. Instead they end up forced to bed 20 punters a day by their depraved new "owners".

Today a News of the World investigation nails Nasko's vile trade in the wake of a police intelligence operation that exposed the worrying growing tide of trafficked foreign sex slaves on our streets.

"Getting the girls is no problem. Once you pay us they belong to you," Nasko told our undercover man posing as a London brothel keeper.

Then he launched into his sales pitch - describing his victims as if they were livestock.

"They start from 1,000 (?900) for a plain one and go to 5,000 (?4,500) for a young beautiful one," he gloated.

"Once you pay me for each prostitute, we get their papers and put them on the plane to London. What you do with them is up to you."

Evil Nasko knows brothel keepers will work them to exhaustion, making ?1,000 a day from each smuggled slave, whose numbers in British brothels now total 11,800 according to cops involved in Operation Acumen.

Up to 1,400 slaves a year are trafficked in and 80 per cent of UK hookers are foreign.

To get to Nasko our man first had to meet his equally seedy henchman Christos who brought along a couple of "samples" called Melissa and Annie to a rendezvous at the Sheraton in Bulgarian capital Sofia.

He bragged how he toured the city ensuring his girls were working hard.

Then he ordered nervous Melissa to sit on his knee and tell our man how she was selected for "export" to the UK.

Christo groped her breasts and said: "This one is very good."

The following day our man met Mr Big. Obese Nasko arrived at the hotel in a chauffeur-driven Merc sporting a ?4,000 gold Breitling watch.

"I control most of the girls working in Sofia," he bragged. "I can let you have as many prostitutes as you want - ten, 15 girls. You can have Melissa for 1,500 (?1,300).

"Tonight you can see Anita - she is 16, very pretty."

Petite Anita - priced at 5,000 (?4,500) - was lured by Nasko's gang from her village after they told her parents they could get her a cleaning job.

She was forced to have sex with men and is ready to be shipped to Britain, Spain, Belgium, Germany or Italy. "We have just sent three girls to Spain, all around 16," boasted Nasko.

Pointing to a girl with him, Nasko priced her at 1,500 (?1,300) before adding: "Annie is 29. She can travel no problem.

"The girls are very poor. You will have their ID cards and passports and you have to book their flights."

He agreed to sell our man four girls for 9,000 (?8,100) and warned him to ship them individually to avoid suspicion.

Nasko shook hands with our man and said excitedly: "Our empires can prosper."

Not if we can help it. Our evidence is available to the authorities.

Meanwhile a police crackdown gathers pace. In the past month, ten people have been held on suspicion of bringing sex-workers into Britain.

Bekim Rrahmani, 43, of Birmingham, was sentenced to 10 years for trafficking a 16-year-old Albanian girl to work in London brothels.

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